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Streamlining sales for your startup: Cybersecurity and trust

Louis Strauss |

August 22, 2019

Streamlining sales for your startup: Cybersecurity and trust



In Critical to the success of any startup is figuring out the most effective sales process. This is typically very iterative, with lots of learnings along the way. However, one aspect of sales, that many B2B SaaS startup founders overlook until it’s too late, and which can grind the whole process to a halt, are inbound third-party cybersecurity assessments.

When a company is selling software into any reasonably mature business, especially in a highly regulated sector, the vendor will be required to complete a cybersecurity assessment. Without preparation, this can take months and require input from the compliance, legal and security teams. And it must be done for nearly every sale.

The required assessments have considerable overlap and are often based on the same set of standards, yet they’re all slightly different due to how the standards are interpreted and prioritised. This leads to a huge amount of repetition and redundancy, which not only eats up valuable time, but also slows down the rate at which your team can sell.  

In a world where cybersecurity risk is growing at a rapid pace, supporting regulation has become ever more stringent and common. This puts the onus on all companies to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

If companies can do this effectively, they’ll not only streamline their sales processes but, more importantly, build trust and transparency with stakeholders.


Introducing the 6clicks Trust Portal

The 6clicks Trust Portal allows you to get on the front foot and take a proactive approach to managing inbound cybersecurity assessments.

The process is simple:

  1. Download the cybersecurity assessment(s) that relates to your business and sector.
  2. Conduct a self-assessment using 6clicks modules.
  3. Post your results, as well as any accompanying documents and links, to your 6clicks Trust Portal.

Once you’ve set up your Trust Portal, you can then provide access to prospective users to view your assessments. Effectively, your Trust Portal provides the information people need to feel comfortable with your cybersecurity profile.


Trust Portal - crop

Sample Trust Portal Profile


What’s more, you can create different profiles for different products, services or sectors.


Fewer cyber security assessments = more trust (and faster sales)

Our research has shown that by using the 6clicks Trust Portal, and sending out a link to prospective users early in the sales cycle, cuts custom inbound cybersecurity assessments by up to 70%, freeing up your team to work on higher-value activities, like product development and deal flow.

This is because it signals to buyers that cybersecurity is front of mind and important to your company, instilling trust in your prospective and current users. Furthermore, because most inbound cybersecurity assessments are based off the same standards and regulations, you cut through the noise and go straight to the source of what is required when it comes to ensuring your company is safe and secure for your users and their data.

Not only is the 6clicks Trust Portal designed to support this changing landscape, it’s also free.

If you’re interested in instilling trust in your users, speeding up your sales cycles, saving valuable time and getting ahead of your competition, please contact us today.



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