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How businesses can protect themselves from AI-powered attacks

Tune in for an exclusive sit-down interview as Andrew Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer and co-founder of 6clicks, joins Ahron Young from Ticker News. Together, they..

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AI-Driven GRC: Ask Hailey & GPT

With the help of GPT-3, Ask Hailey makes it easier than ever for businesses to create control descriptions and control set descriptions based on linked standards, laws, and..

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6clicks Webinar | Eliminate GRC Reporting Nightmares

Andrew Robinson, CISO of 6clicks, and Andy Curtis, founder of Gadget Access, present and demonstrate how GRC reporting nightmares can be eliminated. Cyber security governance,..

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6clicks CRO Talks CMMC 2.0 in a Sit-Down Interview with TickerNews

Michelle Torrey-Teunissen, the Chief Revenue Officer of 6clicks, recently travelled from the United States to Melbourne to speak with anchor Mike Loder at TICKER NEWS about the..

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