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AI-Driven GRC: Ask Hailey & GPT

Anthony Stevens |

March 22, 2023

AI-Driven GRC: Ask Hailey & GPT



With the help of GPT-3, Ask Hailey makes it easier than ever for businesses to create control descriptions and control set descriptions based on linked standards, laws, and regulations.

 You can check out our latest blog post featuring the first release of AI-generated control and policy descriptions with Ask Hailey.

In this webinar, we've covered:

  • The story of AI at 6clicks and how it has transformed the platform.
  • Discover Ask Hailey with the integration of GPT-3.
  • See Ask Hailey in action with a live demo of its functionality.
  • Explore the future of AI at 6clicks and how it will enhance the platform's capabilities.

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