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Responsible AI: Risks, benefits, and what comes next

Louis Strauss |

January 24, 2024

Responsible AI: Risks, benefits, and what comes next



Andrew Lawrence, Chief Technology Officer, and Andrew Robinson, Chief Information Security Officer & Co-Founder of 6clicks, discuss the challenges and advancements in Responsible AI.

From AI development to real-world applications, they explore the benefits, use cases, and potential risks. Join them as they share their optimism about the future of AI, the role of regulations, and the ongoing efforts to ensure responsible AI practices.



00:00 Meet: Andrew Robinson and Andrew Lawrence

00:30 Responsible AI at 6clicks

02:59  Use cases at 6clicks and beyond

05:57  Benefits of AI in different industries

08:18  Considerations for AI risks and security

10:35  Output considerations and risks

13:32   Standards and principles for responsible AI

16:11    Government and industry engagement on responsible AI

18:55  Optimism about the future of AI

21:57  AI in cybersecurity and threats

24:28 Conclusion and future discussions