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Introducing automated risks and issues from risk assessment results

Dr. Heather Buker Feb 03, 2022
Introducing Automated Risks and Issues from Assessment Results

At 6clicks, we are constantly striving to reduce time to value and streamline workflows via process automation. Creating a repeatable process that leads to increased efficiency is what we live for.

ICYMI: Just before the 2021 holidays, we introduced the latest iteration of process automation for audits and risk assessments...

Imagine if you could define a library of issues and risks, along with their associated candidate actions and risk treatment plans.

And, for each audit/ risk assessment response, you define the risks/issues that would apply based on the response should it be chosen.

THEN when the risk assessment based on this template is submitted, the appropriate risks and issues are triaged based on the risk assessment response.

That's right - automatically triaged issues and risks based on assessment results. No detailed risk assessment results review is required.

Mind. Blown.


Thanks to 6clicks, the power is here.


Reviewing questionnaire or requirement-based assessments has never been easier:

  1. Map potential risks and issues to responses in an assessment template;

  2. Complete an assessment against the template; 

  3. 6clicks will recommend risks and issues based on the assessment responses; and

  4. Create risks and issues automatically, and in bulk, after a completed assessment based on the submitted results.

Thanks to the one-time template configuration, there's no more writing the same recommendations over and over or creating the same risk manually across many tasks. 


Your risk assessments are now more operationalized and standardized than ever before.

Check it out:

Automated Risks


Curious about learning more? Check out our wealth of content in our 6clicks Knowledge Base below.

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