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Benefits and uses of 6clicks’ Content Library for the enterprise

Louis Strauss |

January 30, 2024

Benefits and uses of 6clicks’ Content Library for the enterprise


Content has a vital role in governance, risk management, and compliance. Organizations have a constant need for up-to-date policies, standards, regulations, and other resources. To achieve operational efficiency, organizations require comprehensive and reliable content to power their GRC processes. 6clicks’ Content Library offers enterprises a rich knowledge base of audit and assessment templates, risk libraries, control sets, as well as standards, laws, regulations, and other resources to support their teams and activities. Learn the different ways you can use our Content Library to ensure effective risk and compliance management. 

What is the Content Library and how can it be used? 

The Content Library is a repository of all 6clicks and third-party content. It contains an extensive selection of content to support different GRC verticals and use cases. All content from the library is derived from various authoritative sources such as the International Organization for Standardization, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and more. 

6clicks’ turnkey content from the Content Library is available entirely for free with unlimited use and is designed to fast-track your path to compliance. Download audit and assessment templates, control sets and policies, risk and issue libraries, and other types of content, then use them immediately or edit them to meet your needs. You can also import your existing content or build your own from scratch. 

What is included in the Content Library? 

Enterprises can use the Content Library as their main source of content and driver for their GRC programs. Here are the different types of content that you can find from the Content Library: 

  • Standards – Comprised of local and international standard procedures from the ISM, ISO, SEC, FTC, and more. 

  • Legislation – Laws related to health, transportation, data protection & privacy, cybersecurity, fraud & abuse, and other disciplines 

  • Regulations – Regulatory frameworks such as the DORA, GDPR, and more. 

  • Risk libraries – Easily conduct risk audits and reviews. Browse 6clicks’ risk libraries with templated risks compiled from over 40 risk domains. 

  • Control sets – Develop a mature compliance strategy with policies and control sets from the ISO, NIST, and more. 

  • Obligation sets – A list of obligations or requirements in adherence to specified agreements, laws, or regulations. 

  • Guidelines – A set of instructions for complex processes such as obtaining AFS licenses, implementing supply chain risk management practices, and more. 

  • Frameworks – Effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance and apply industry policies using frameworks from 6clicks, the NIST, DISP, and IRAP among others. 

  • Audit & assessment templates – Streamline risk management through dozens of audit and assessment templates encompassing multiple compliance domains, sectors, and jurisdictions. 

  • Incident playbooks – Guide users with best practices and expedite incident resolution with playbooks from 6clicks, Microsoft, and more. 

  • Report templates – Create structured reports in a matter of minutes through 6clicks’ Pixel Perfect custom report generator.


What are the benefits of the Hub & Spoke and Content Library? 

Companies using Hub & Spoke can use the Content Library for free. 6clicks’ Hub & Spoke enables the flexible deployment of our cyber GRC platform, ensuring alignment with your organizational structure. It provides the right level of central control, standardization, and reporting at the Hub without forgoing team-level (Spokes) autonomy and data segregation required for distributed organizations. 

Hub & Spoke for the Enterprise

Aside from unlimited content, users can leverage all of our GRC modules including audits and assessments, internal and vendor risk management, issue and incident management, and more, as well as our powerful generative AI engine and reporting & analytics capability. 

Full feature


Meanwhile, the Content Library also allows users to alter and repurpose all 6clicks’ content according to their requirements and then distribute directly to Spokes. Here’s what makes the Content Library a great solution to all your content needs: 

100% free and unlimited content 

Hub users can use and distribute all content from the public Content Library to their teams or Spokes, which Spoke users can then access and use for their activities. An exclusive Content Library is also available for Hub users to upload their own content or content from the public Library so they have full control over the types of content that their Spokes have access to. 

Exclusive Content Library 

Hub users have an exclusive Content Library where they can upload their own content as well as content from the public Content Library, which is then accessed by Spokes teams. Hub users can customize their exclusive Content Library according to their specific risk and compliance programs. 

Easy download and content distribution 

Conveniently download audit and assessment templates, control sets, standards, laws, regulations, playbooks, and risk and issue libraries in one go. Build Spoke templates with predefined content ready to go, which Spokes are created from at the click of a button to negate lengthy setup processes. What’s more, you can push specific content items directly to your Spokes, bypassing your exclusive Content Library. 

Reusable and customizable 

Companies can utilize 6clicks’ content for various purposes and use cases. You can run audits and assessments against ISO standards or other laws and regulations, link frameworks and requirements to your internal controls, or save time creating reports from scratch by using our formatted audit & assessment reporting templates. Freely edit and apply the necessary changes to any content from the public Content Library based on your needs.  

Equip your teams with powerful content through 6clicks' Hub & Spoke 

Guide your business towards GRC success by using the right content and practical tools. Transform your approach to GRC and gain a competitive advantage with 6clicks' integrated content framework and Hub & Spoke architecture.