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Control to Authority Gap Analysis Powered by Hailey AI

Dr. Heather Buker Nov 11, 2021
Control to Authority Gap Analysis Powered by Hailey AI

At 6clicks, we are dedicated to innovation and automation.

Thanks to the brilliant minds at 6clicks and our AI engine, Hailey - innovation and automation come second nature.

Hailey Then

When 6clicks was founded, we invested in artificial intelligence. It was a research project at that point, and a high degree of experimentation followed to find the most effective application of AI in the world of GRC.

The upshot was our use of two engines used widely in the field of artificial intelligence – natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

When Hailey (our AI engine) was born, the first cab of the rank was Hailey's application to identifying similarities across provisions - in essence, identifying the overlap. 

The business case here is pretty apparent. Reporting in the platform speaks to the benefit – if you are aligned or compliant with framework X, where are the gaps with framework Y?

Hailey has been increasing process efficiency and reducing time-to-compliance for our clients and partners since the beginning. 

It was time to up our AI game.

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Hailey Now

We are excited to announce that Hailey has taken another (huge) step towards automating GRC.

This time focused not on reducing the compliance footprint and overlap between frameworks or standards but on identifying a control set or policy's coverage of a standard.

We are excited to introduce the world's first control set/policy compliance mapper.

Automatically and quickly identify areas of compliance and non-compliance against standards, laws, and regulations using our AI-powered mapping tool.


The Use Case

Leveraging Hailey AI, clients and partners can now map their internal policies and control sets to authority documents automatically. 

Keyword: automatically.


The Benefits

Quickly, efficiently, and automatically:

  • Identify compliance gaps and risks related to your internal control sets and policies;

  • Conduct compliance mappings across standards, laws, and regulations from different jurisdictions and sectors;

  • Action on internal policy and control set gaps and track them through remediation;

  • Discover out of date or orphaned practices that do not coincide with your regulatory landscape within your policies and determine if you can gain efficiency by removing them; and

  • Leverage turn-key reporting across your compliance obligations.

No more spreadsheets. No more headaches. No more hours and hours of crosswalk work to find policy gaps.

Just results.


Hailey in the Future

The future of Hailey AI is bright. At 6clicks, we are committed to bringing AI-powered automation to our partners and clients. We intend to make GRC as easy as 1-2-3.

For example, our incredible PCI DSS RoC reporting functionality lets you generate your RoC in minutes! Just collect the data, and we will do the rest. Click the image below to learn more.

Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our user experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The best is yet to come.

Developing a holistic view of your organization's GRC program utilizing 6clicks creates immediate value and ROI for your organization. Leverage your first-mover advantage with a renewed governance, risk, and compliance approach.

How about a whistle-stop tour with one of our 6clicks maestros? Easy, click the button below and let the good times roll.


All we want to do every day is make the world of GRC easier to manage. We cannot do that without you, so we hope to hear from you soon!

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