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Cost of a data breach - IBM 2022 Report

George Kaltekis Feb 23, 2023

Cybersecurity incidents are costly, as we have seen with Medibank and Optus. The average total cost of cybersecurity breaches in the United States in 2022 was estimated to be USD $4.35 million on average, taking into account reputational, regulatory, and political repercussions, according to IBM 2022 "Cost of a Data Breach" report.

In an evolving threat landscape, time is money

For 83% of companies, it’s not if a data breach will happen, but when. Usually more than once. When detecting, responding to and recovering from threats, faster is better. Organizations using AI and automation had a 74-day shorter breach lifecycle and saved an average of USD 3 million more than those without.


Healthcare gets hit hard

The cost of a breach in the healthcare industry went up 42% since 2020. For the 12th year in a row, healthcare had the highest average data breach cost of any industry.


$10.10M -Average total cost of a breach in the healthcare industry


 These amounts vary industry-to-industry and on the contrary, the average savings of containing a data breach in 200 days or less is USD $1.12m.

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