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Why your start-up can be a success

Louis Strauss |

January 28, 2020

Why your start-up can be a success



Cybersecurity: the key to scaling your Startup! 

How exciting is it to be a Startup!? The possibilities, the pressure, the pure energy.

Makes you feel alive eh?

Amongst all that excitement, however, sits a truckload of risk. It can bring your business to its knees (along with countless other Start-ups who have suffered the same fate).

The amount of risk that can attack a Start-up is unfair, quite frankly. From market volatility and environmental risk (becoming a huge factor now)– to privacy and data protection, financial security risks and more.

But now more than ever, in our highly digital and software-based economy, your long-term success depends on your attitude to…(drum roll)… cyber risk and compliance!

But there’s a trick to it. Finding a way to assess your risk and implement a cybersecurity strategy without disrupting your productivity or sales cycle.

Because if these are not identified and managed, they’ll do the disrupting for you.

Investors won’t cash you up if you don’t mitigate risk and cyber incidents

Would you give a business your hard-earned dollarydoos if they had financial and data risks flying around?

And what if you’re planning an exit in the not-too-distant future!?

Get your cybersecurity processes and maturity in place, or your deal could be over before it starts.

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Can we trust you? Prove it! 

Vital x1000. Getting your cybersecurity processes sorted makes dealing with compliance obligations from regulatory authorities much easier. The last thing you need is to be buried in circular meetings and spreadsheets about falling short on compliance obligations and unidentified cyber issues! 

During this crucial stage, imagine if you had something tangible you can give to potential customers that demonstrates trust (Hint: answer below 😊).

It’s a confidence thing.

You’ll need a mature cyber strategy and compliance posture in place when selling to any large enterprise, as they typically require their third parties to be of a certain cyber maturity.  

Then being able to quickly and easily share this with potential customers will instill trust and confidence, allowing you to sell more and scale faster! 

This also really helps to drive morale across all departments (think passionate sales division!). Showing your employees that they can have an emotional investment in your business is crucial, you want them to be proactive in the company’s success.


Techy Tech. 

As a Startup in 2020, no doubt you’re searching for new tech tools to streamline procedure, give your growth a kick in the right direction and cut costs, right? 

These new tools can be awesome, but it’s about choosing one that is easy to use, quick to setup, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Who you gonna call? 

Get yourself a combined cybersecurity assessment and management system (as a service) that will help you get all this done thoroughly and help you scale.

6clicks For Startups not only helps you to understand the cyber maturity of your business, but also to identify shortcomings to remediate. This helps you to streamline your sales cycle and scale faster than your competitors…at a fraction of the price! 

You can also leverage our comprehensive library of best-practice digital guidance from numerous recognised authorities and industry-leading organisations.

To give you a taste, check out this article for eight essential cybersecurity rules every startup should follow. 

With 6clicks for Startups, you can quickly and easily perform a painless risk assessment by: 

1 – Easily selecting the assessments that align with your business. You can use our built-in question set available from the 6clicks Marketplace or, create your own!

2 – Sharing your self-assessments and related documents and create custom risk profiles for different products, services and markets. 

3 – Providing prospective clients with access to your profiles and show them that their security is your utmost priority. 

We’re here to help!