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Digitising ISO standards

Andrew Robinson Jan 20, 2021
Digitising ISO Standards

In exciting news, four new standards from the International Standards Organisation (ISO) have been published into the 6clicks Content Library, namely:

  1. ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Management System (EMS)
  2. ISO 22301:2020 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)
  3. ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health And Safety Management System (OHMS)
  4. ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management Systems (QMS).

You can access these now through the in-app 6clicks Marketplace or read more about them in the 6clicks Content Library.

However, in short, these global standards respectively:

  • Regulate the controllable environmental aspects of a business;
  • Provide guidance and recommendations for implementing and maintaining a documented management system;
  • Specify requirements for an occupational health and safety management system; and
  • Setting out the basic quality assurance practices, 

The best thing about these frameworks is they are all helpful tools for any busines, no matter their discipline, operation or location. 

Moreover, in the not so far off future, 6clicks will be introducing assessment and policy templates linked to this content, making it easy for you to understand how to implement the standards and whether or not your business practices meet the mark.

If you are interested in seeing what this will look like, check out our content offering for ISO 27001 (ISMS), available on the 6clicks Marketplace now.

So stay tuned and subscribe to my blog below for further updates. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline that I look forward to sharing with you soon.


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