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GRC for MSPs: How to leverage the 6clicks platform?

Dr. Heather Buker |

Created: September 8, 2022|Last Updated: April 10, 2024
GRC for MSPs: How to leverage the 6clicks platform?


Security and compliance go hand in hand in today’s world. You can no longer focus on one and hope that the other automatically aligns. This is why the number of companies looking for GRC implementations is on the rise.  They are now looking for services that provide the full spectrum of risk management and compliance solutions. 

Companies are already struggling to implement ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and a range of other international standards. Added to this is the real-world security threat looming over organizations threatening data breaches, information compromise, and more. A comprehensive solution that addresses both these concerns is the need of the hour.

MSPs that can provide a comprehensive GRC solution have a competitive advantage over those who only provide parts of the solution.

What has changed?

There are several reasons why GRC programs are critical for organisations. The most obvious reason is the evolved threat landscape with sophisticated engineered attacks becoming common. Organisations today deal with more data and cloud adoption is on the rise making information a vulnerable resource for any organisation. Covid-19 was also a catalyst to bring data security to the fore as remote access and workplace disruptions became more common. 

Awareness of data privacy and security has also increased and stakeholders expect that an organisation they interact with has adequate information security measures in place. And of course, there’s the regulatory compliance that needs to be strictly adhered to. All in all, GRC programs and the requirement to implement them effectively are on a steady rise.

What does this mean for MSPs?

With organisations looking for GRCaaS (GRC as a service) solutions, GRC for MSPs presents a lucrative opportunity to expand their service offerings and increase their revenue.

A multi-tenant GRC software solution can drive growth for MSPs, considering the increasing demand from organisations of all sizes for GRC capability in general.

How to choose a multi-tenant GRC for MSPs?  

Here are a few pointers to choose a GRC solution for MSPs.

  • Choose a platform that delivers all the major security frameworks on a single platform, reducing the need to launch different programs for different standards.
  • Check that the platform supports all major parts of a GRC program such as risk assessment and management, risk treatment, vulnerability management, third-party risk management, etc. 
  • The platform should have tools for assessments, risk scoring, audit management, and reporting.
  • It should have collaborative features so that multiple entities of an organisation can be brought on the same page for effective GRC implementation.
  • The solution should be effective in monitoring GRC after the program implementation and continue it as a process that identifies new risk and compliance requirements.

Lastly, the GRC solution for MSPs should have a holistic approach that succeeds in aligning information security and compliance needs.

The 6clicks partner program helps MSPs and advisors leverage the 6clicks platform and its Hub & Spoke architecture to deliver comprehensive GRC solutions. These solutions help MSPs customise security and compliance programs for any of the major standards and automate tasks for easy implementation.

Experts Guide to GRC Software

More than just a GRC solution

The 6clicks platform certainly simplifies GRC for organisations. It also makes it super easy for MSPs and advisors to help their clients implement these programs. But it’s much more than just that!

Our program for MSPs simplifies the process of GRC solution deployment. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Integration with other security tools
  • Single-pane glass view of all clients 
  • Monitoring and reviews
  • Easy reporting feature
  • Helpful dashboards for powerful insights
  • Assessment tools
  • Automating risk assessments and audits
  • A comprehensive content library
  • Defining obligations & controls for clients
  • Tracking standard and custom metrics

All these features and more make it easy for MSPs to deliver a comprehensive solution to their clients to implement GRC. Here's how MSPs can grow with the 6clicks platform. 

  • MSPs can easily create their clients' connected accounts on the 6clicks platform. When the client starts using the 6clicks and appreciates the value it brings, MSPs can resell the licenses they need.
  • Since 6clicks lets track risks and vulnerabilities easily, MSPs can also cross-sell other software solutions that remediate the gaps that exist in the client's system.
  • The multi-tenancy GRC solution for MSPs also helps to map the similarities between different standard frameworks using Hailey, the AI engine, to reduce the effort in complying with all relevant standards. 
  • It helps MSPs deliver truly comprehensive solutions for risk and compliance management along with a superior customer experience.

Final thoughts

The 6clicks platform has a special program for MSPs that they can leverage. Read more about Hub & Spoke architecture in our e-book GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective, which explores how GRC strategy can be applied to distributed business and carries an in-depth investigation of the 6clicks platform.Get started with 6clicks