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Hailey AI mapping updates and import/export additions

Louis Strauss |

November 9, 2020
Hailey AI mapping updates and import/export additions


Hi All,

As showcased in our debut webinar this week, we have released the long awaited and highly anticipated Hailey AI mapping functionality, providing the ability to identify similar Provisions across multiple Authorities to help ramp up efficiencies and take your compliance reporting to the next level.

I’m also proud to say we have yet again released more upgrades and features to our web application with additional import/export functionality across Issues and Issue Actions, plus Assessment Questions and Responses.

Read the articles linked below to learn more.

 Authority Mapping with AI

The Hailey Artificial Intelligence mapping functionality is one of a kind and provides instant results on similar Provisions across different Authorities, truly ground breaking capabilities with endless possibilities.

Watch our Webinar or click here to learn more about our advanced AI technology.

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Assessment Response Data Export and Import

There is now the option to download Assessment Questions to Excel, enter Responses to upload back to the Assessment for submission.

This allows you to upload responses from a previously completed assessment to a new version of the same assessment.

This user friendly process provides an additional option and often automation capabilities to the Assessment response process for all Users.

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 Import Issues and Issue Actions

Now you can import Issues and Issue Actions using our template downloaded from within the Issues screen, within minutes you can centralise all of your information with ease.

Simply download, add data then upload to have all of your Issues and associated Issue Actions available to view, manage, report on plus link to other records and more.

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We’ll have another roundup of exciting announcements very soon!




Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis began his career in Berlin where he also founded Dobbel Berlin – Berlin’s curated search engine. Returning to Melbourne to join KPMG, Louis lead the development of software designed to distribute IP and create a platform for us by advisors and clients. While at KPMG, Louis also co-authored Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy. Louis is accomplished in stakeholder management, requirements gathering, product testing, refinement and project implementation. Louis also holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.