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6clicks monthly wrap – August 2020

Jack Martin Sep 01, 2020

From the desk...

Welcome to the Monthly Wrap.

We have just had one of the most exciting months in the company’s history. Something that I am incredibly grateful for.

Our family grew rapidly this month, as we welcomed Kimberley Nolan (Customer & Product Success) and Dean Kelly (Strategic Partnerships and Alliances) to the team. You can read the full announcements below. We have more appointments to come, which will give our customers and partners an enormous amount of new opportunity.

August’s major headline was the announcement of our partnership with Peter Deans, creator of 52Risks. Peter has provided the global business landscape with a definitive collection of business risks (strategic, operational, financial) that can be adopted by any company, in any industry, at any time. And you can find it all waiting for you right now inside the 6clicks product suite!

We are making new friends every day thanks to some amazing appearances and thought leadership on 6clicksTV and the 6clicks Podcast. We love to shout about our friends and we are always looking for more members to join our global expert community. You can see the latest episodes below. You will also spy below that our marketing team is clearly having too much fun.

Speaking of shows, we have just landed a great partnership with the amazing tickerTV team. Our Risk & Compliance Show airs every Tuesday at 2:15pm on tickerTV. Be there, or be non-compliant.

On top of all this, Andrew Robinson’s Cyber Update and Louis Strauss’ Product Update are both waiting for you below, as well as some excellent quick reads.

Enjoy the Monthly Wrap, hope to speak to you soon.

Warm regards,

Cyber news...

Often in security we talk of bad security in terms of hackers, vulnerable systems and security breaches. In this newsletter I wanted to take some time to write about a threat vector that can be equally pernicious; your own security team.  Sure, there’s some good security people and security teams doing their darndest to protect organisational assets. However, these efforts can easily spiral out of control if they become focused on mitigating risk and achieving compliance at any cost.

And that is exactly the mindset of security people that focus on security objectives without considering business goals. They damage your business. So the lesson? Keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever that may be for your organisation. Unify behind a common set of objectives. Balance risk with opportunity. Understand what the direct costs of your security are (e.g. products and staff), what the indirect costs are (e.g. brand, morale), and unintended consequences (e.g. bad experience, missed opportunities).

At 6clicks we join the dots in security programs including contextual information around objectives and assets, and we encourage organisations to carry out top-down risk reviews using our curated risk libraries as well bottom-up compliance and control assessments. Marrying up both approaches internally and across your supply chain will give you useful insights to get your security program right.

We’ll introduce you to Hailey very soon and she’ll be helping you along the way.

Stay safe and well.


Andrew Robinson

Head of Cyber Security

Product update

Louis takes us through the latest changes to the 6clicks Web App!


Louis Strauss

Head of Product

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