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6clicks monthly wrap – May 2020

Anthony Stevens |

Created: June 2, 2020|Last Updated: August 12, 2023
6clicks monthly wrap – May 2020


A word from our CEO...

Welcome to the monthly wrap! Another huge month for us here in the virtual office.

The 6clicks web app has been in market since mid-last year, assisting enterprise and government customers with risk and compliance management challenges. It’s also ‘white labelled’, so it provides a great opportunity for service providers too – namely consultants and managed services providers.

The mobile app however, is for risk identification and assessments across teams. Despite its importance, we found the process of identifying risks and undertaking an assessment as a team for most businesses was still very much a manual process. Also, it wasn’t being done as a team, being biased as it was by people with particular influence, so not as data-driven as is necessary.

Did I mention it is free? Good. Give it a try today with your team.

You will spot below that we made some massive announcements this month, namely our expansion into the Asia Pacific, where we have teamed up with one of APACs premier professional service firms &HOW Intelligence – as well as the launch of our new Sydney office, headed by Jamie Rubbi-Clarke as Director of Customer Success and Growth.

We also amplified our Customer Success team, welcoming Anas and Diana to our team as you’ll read below.

Enjoy the new look monthly wrap and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Warm regards,

Anthony Stevens

Chief Executive Officer

Cyber news...

We’re often cautious when it comes to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), knowing full well how it can sometimes be manipulated and go awry. As we as a society begin to use it for more critical applications such as controlling real world moving objects we’ll need to make sure we can prove its reliability. In the security industry, we’re already using it for analysing computer activity to tease out the events that are significant and need a swift response.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes are often stuck in the dark ages though, relying on lots of people power even if you’re using software. At 6clicks we’re continuing to reinvent traditional risk and compliance and we’re bringing our own trained ML models to the cause. This month, we successfully ran a proof of concept and are now targeting a general release of automated “provision-to-provision” mapping. The good news is, that’s just the beginning!

We still very much believe in having the ‘human in the loop’ to train and supervise important ML models. More and more you’ll see 6clicks giving you suggestions on related provisions, questions, risks and controls. This can help you put together a comprehensive risk and compliance program quickly and easy, so you’ve got more time to have the important conversations and make the necessary changes necessary to improve your position. 

Get ready to say goodbye to endless page turning.


Andrew Robinson

Head of Cyber Security

The latest product news...

Head of Product, Louis Strauss, guides us through the latest minor additions to the 6clicks Web App! This latest app release includes features like risk access permissions and third-party/client labels. Click here to read the detailed update.

Earlier this month, Louis also delved into the latest features of 6clicks Risk Review for Teams.

Louis Strauss

Head of Product

Big Announcements

Sydney expansion commences as 6clicks welcomes Jamie Rubbi-Clarke as Director of Customer Success & Growth

6clicks Moves into the Singaporean Market
Partnering with &How Intelligence

Welcoming Diana and Anas to the
6clicks Customer Success Team

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