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6clicks: What’s new in July 2020?

Louis Strauss |

July 21, 2020

6clicks: What’s new in July 2020?


Hey guys,

I hope you are all keeping safe. I’ve got some exciting new changes to share with you this week!

This article will cover the new changes, including:

1. The Updated ‘New’ Button

2. New Risk Reporting

3. Assessment Module Improvements

Updated ‘New’ Button

We’ve taken the New Assessment button and flipped it on its head. We’ve redesigned this to help take your risk and compliance game to the next level (pictured right).

Now you can create anything using this button from wherever you are in the platform, including:

– Assessments 

– Risks 

– Internal Control Sets/Policies 

– Asset 

– Issue


New Risk Reporting

You asked and we listened.

We’ve taken our risk reporting to new heights with the introduction of the Risk Matrix and the Risk Register reports. Easily accessed from the Risk Module, these reports will take your risk management game to the next level.

Head here to learn more:

The Risk Register, while less visual, it packs a punch when it comes to information and provides a great way to view and export all your risks. Just like the Risk Matrix, it’s fully filterable.

Head here to learn more:

Assessment Module Improvements

Firstly, we’ve made the Assessment Module now even more powerful with introduction of Multi-Select Questions. Multi-Select Questions allow users to select multiple answers to the one question, streamlining the assessment process while still ensuring you gather all necessary information!

Second, we’ve also introduced two new Assessment statuses:

Reviewed – mark and track the assessments you have reviewed the responses for.

Closed – mark and track the assessments that you have completed the full assessment lifecycle for. When you Close an assessment, you can also leave a reason, which anyone can quickly read to understand why the assessment has been closed.


Please check out the knowledge base to learn more about these features, or feel free to reach out to me directly at  

– Louis