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Product update: Buttons, tables, assessments and more...

Louis Strauss |

Created: August 25, 2021|Last Updated: April 10, 2024
Product update: Buttons, tables, assessments and more...


Over the last few weeks, we have been focusing heavily on updating components across the platform, namely tables and action buttons. We have also released some great new updates to both the requirements based and question-based assessment flows, as well as third parties/clients.


Tables and Action Buttons

If you've used the platform recently you'll notice that our new table and button designs ensure that everything you need to do in each module is directly at your fingertips. So whether it's creating new risks, importing data into your custom register, or publishing your Trust Portal, you'll quickly and easily be able to action it at the click of a button.

New UI


Assessment Results Page (Question Based Assessment)

Our question based assessment (QBA) is built for running third-party, vendor or supply chain assessments. Today we are happy to announce significant improvements to the assessment results page.

When viewing the results of the assessment you can now leave comments, as well as create and add risks, risk treatment plans, issues and issue actions to manage areas of non-compliance. It's also now super easy to bulk flag responses that are non-compliant. Reviewing question based assessment responses has never been simpler.



Assessment Response Page (Requirements Based Assessment)

Our Requirements Based Assessment (RBA) is designed to run maturity assessments and internal audits directly against your compliance requirements. Part of today's announcement is the ability to filter fields by the response. This will help you focus on specific requirements, say for instance all the controls that have a low maturity.


Filter by response

Third-Party Filters

Lastly, we have also introduced the ability to filter your third parties by any field, including risk, criticality, geography, industry and any custom fields you define. Perfect for managing your third parties and bulk sending assessments to specific third parties.



You can also start your Requirements Based Assessments journey right now in the 6clicks app, or check out this quick article to get familiar with the basics. Alternatively, if you'd like a demo of 6clicks, book a time that suits you below.

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