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Trust begins at home: 6clicks announces ISO 27001 certification

Anthony Stevens |

November 22, 2019

Trust begins at home: 6clicks announces ISO 27001 certification



6clicks is excited to announce we have received official ISO certification of our Information Security Management System (ISMS) encompassing software platform and service for risk assessment, risk management, and compliance. 




What is the ISO 27001 certification?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is an independent, international organization that sets globally recognized standards including those for security and safety. In particular, the ISO 27001 certification ensures an organization operates industry-standard practices for information security.

As such, this requires a company to establish a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure the appropriate handling of sensitive information such as internal and customer information on an ongoing basis.

‘Information security is an issue we feel strongly about at 6clicks. As we continue to expand our global presence, data security and the protection of our customer data will remain our utmost priority’ said 6clicks CEO, Anthony Stevens.

He added, ‘what better way is there to demonstrate our commitment and reinforce our beliefs in strong data security as a company?

Learn more about how to accelerate your ISO 27001 certification with 6clicks.

Experts Guide to ISO 27001

What does this mean for existing or potential 6clicks users?

The globally-recognized certification comes after months of hard work and commitment from behind the scenes by the 6clicks leadership team.

As a cloud platform provider specializing in risk management, assessment and compliance, we understand the apprehension of established organizations in engaging third-party services, particularly for handling sensitive data.

Obtaining this certification plays an integral role in assuring 6clicks customers that our systems and processes are designed to keep handled data safe and secure. We want to stand as an example for our partners and competitors alike.

6clicks is committed to the systematic evaluation of the threats and vulnerabilities facing stored client information. We have created an environment that fosters trust for our users and helps businesses and governments to protect their assets and ensure their cyber fitness.


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