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6clicks Evolves Hub & Spoke Management for Latest GRC Challenges

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April 27, 2023

6clicks Evolves Hub & Spoke Management for Latest GRC Challenges


New 6clicks platform enables completely customizable balance between centralization and decentralization for global businesses, advisors and MSPs


Scottsdale, Arizona and Melbourne, Australia – April 27, 2023. 6clicks, the GRC innovators, today announced the latest release of its comprehensive GRC platform with an evolution of its Hub & Spoke management design, enabling completely customizable balance between centralization and decentralization of risk and compliance. The flexibility enables the creation and administration of universal policies, audits, controls and risk and issue libraries, along with decentralized ones for specific geographies, divisions or clients, in the case of advisors or MSPs. It provides the necessary federation of GRC combined with needed localization to support cybersecurity, ESG, taxation, regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management use cases.  The advancements significantly reduce the workload of risk and compliance professionals by upwards of 70%.


“Organizations grapple with the ability to manage their risk and compliance programs that are both fully federated and consistent as well as accommodating to local or industry laws, regulations and practices. Older GRC systems buckle under these challenges, requiring extensive workarounds,” said Anthony Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, 6clicks. “While our platform has always offered centralization and decentralization features, the latest version enables even greater flexibility and customization and advanced features to support the challenges of scale.”


Even with the first release of the platform in 2020, 6clicks pioneered a breakthrough in management and visibility for the deployment and adoption of GRC capability across distributed or federated teams.  This architecture was dubbed Hub & Spoke to describe the way in which the platform aligns with the way businesses are typically structured and run. Each Spoke in 6clicks includes a full-blown GRC capability to be used by a single team – perhaps the IT function, a division, a country’s operation, a client or a project team. The connected Hub then provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view across the organization, a launchpad to the spokes, a place to define standards like audit templates, control sets and risk libraries across the spokes and importantly access to the data within connected spokes for reporting to executives and boards.   


Companies like Thales, NTT, Volaris Group, Zebra Manufacturing, Infrabuild, LPMA, King & Wood Mallesons have already adopted this latest Hub & Spoke functionality with success, dramatically reducing deployment and adoption time. The Hub & Spoke architecture also supports the 6clicks Content Library containing 100’s of standards, laws, regulations, frameworks, audit & assessment templates, risk and issue libraries, control and obligation sets catering to the specific or nuanced requirements across domain and jurisdictions.


The new Hub & Spoke advancements include:

  1. Spoke Groups to provide an easy way for organizations to structure and organize their connected spokes providing an even easier reporting and analytics capability.  For example, large enterprises can group country operations within regions, project teams within portfolios, or teams within a division.  
  1. Advanced Hub-Level Configuration with custom fields and content for connected spokes with opt-in ability to over-ride this configuration on a spoke-by-spoke basis. The challenge with a distributed organization structure is on one hand ensuring alignment to corporate standards and the need for top-level governance and reporting, but on the other. the autonomy to align with individual team needs.   
  1. Enhanced Trust Portal capability to build trust with external stakeholders. To develop trust, businesses need to share the bona fides in relation to policies, audit results and supporting documentation externally.  Research demonstrates 70% of inbound audit activity can be eliminated through this process.  Trust is always garnered through transparency.  The enhanced 6clicks Trust Portal capability is available across all Hub & Spoke deployments again, providing controlled autonomy at the spoke level with the connected tissue to the Hub.  
  2. Enterprise Risk Management with adjustable workflows. To more effectively manage enterprise risk, large enterprises can now define workflow stages to align with a specific risk methodology, custom fields both at the risk and risk assessment level and also custom workflow rules to accommodate logic inherent to each stage in the risk methodology.  

The new release is now the de facto version for all customers. For further information or to request a demo of the platform here:


About 6clicks 

Recognizing the immense challenges facing risk and compliance teams, 6clicks was founded to apply the power of AI within a productive management framework to exponentially advance teams. Aside from being fast to implement and easy to use, 6clicks is making waves in the market through: 

  • Hub & Spoke architecture – designed from the ground up to support multi-tenanted distributed deployment - perfect for large enterprises, advisors and MSPs. 
  • Hailey, the 6clicks AI engine that does in seconds what would take weeks, including compliance mapping and policy gap analysis, and now control set and control description automation – a boon for compliance professionals. 
  • Fully integrated content – no ‘uploads’, external data feeds or a lack of traceability – all you need is baked into the platform.    

As the name suggests (read: “The founder’s story: How 6clicks was born and what’s behind the name”), 6clicks makes it easy to manage risk and compliance—faster and with greater accuracy, consistency and scalability. Designed for advisors and businesses and powered by AI and integrated content, 6clicks is taking on giants like ServiceNow, Diligent, OneTrust, RSA Archer and Galvanize by reinventing how automated GRC operates.  

Request a demo of 6clicks here: