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6clicks Expands Offering with Launch of Marketplace

Anthony Stevens |

January 17, 2023

6clicks Expands Offering with Launch of Marketplace


6clicks fuels growth for advisors and businesses with the launch of the first global risk and compliance marketplace for technology, services, insurance, and content providers.

With the 6clicks Marketplace it’s now easier for businesses and advisors to connect with the apps and content they need to demonstrate compliance, improve cybersecurity, and reimagine risk in today’s dynamic and distributed environment.

Melbourne, 17 January, 2023. 6clicks is revolutionizing the Governance, Risk, and Compliance industry with the launch of the 6clicks Marketplace, a comprehensive platform for risk and compliance solutions. The 6clicks Marketplace offers businesses, software vendors, advisors, and managed service providers access to a wide range of apps and content that connect with the 6clicks core GRC platform. This ground-breaking launch positions 6clicks as the go-to destination for all things risk and compliance.

With the increasing threat of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, it's more important than ever to have access to tools and resources that can help protect businesses and demonstrate compliance. The platform offers solutions for common GRC problems including cybersecurity, regulatory reporting, risk management, continuity management, ESG, identity management, compliance, and transaction monitoring.

The 6clicks Marketplace has already gained strong support from key customers in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, with over 95% of 6clicks' 1000+ customers already using content and integrations with apps through our partnership with Zapier. At launch, there will be over a hundred partners offering access to their apps and content via the 6clicks Marketplace. 


Key facts about the 6clicks Marketplace:  

  • Offers a comprehensive range of content, including standards, laws, regulations, frameworks, policies, control sets, audit and assessment templates, risk and issue libraries, project methodologies, and playbooks.

  • Provides industry-specific content for many popular vertical segments, for example, the ability for businesses in Australia to access control libraries and obligations provided by leading law firm King Wood Mallesons to ensure compliance with Australian Credit License and Australian Financial Services licences. This content is also expanding to cover other industries and regions.

  • Access to a range of 6clicks integrations with popular tools like Zapier, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and improve efficiency through seamless integration with their existing systems.

  • 6clicks' research shows that integrating content and apps with a core GRC offering significantly improves the ability to manage risk and compliance and establish trust.

Check out the new 6clicks Marketplace here!


Comments on the news: 

6clicks’ Global Head of Digital Ecosystems, Elaine Suezo, says​ “Our ecosystem is rapidly expanding with hundreds of partners eager to join. We've invested heavily in our GRC platform to provide customers with tools to manage risk and compliance that can connect and share data with 6clicks. Our new marketplace makes it easy for businesses and advisors to find the perfect app or content for their specific needs.” 

CyberCX CEO, John Pataridis, says, "We're pumped to be part of the 6clicks Marketplace. Our partnership with 6clicks has already proven successful in helping our clients improve their cybersecurity and risk management strategies, and we're looking forward to expanding our reach and helping even more businesses through this platform."

Orpheus Cyber CEO & Founder, Oliver Church, says, "6clicks' dedication to risk and compliance aligns with our goal to provide valuable insights and intelligence to help organizations understand and reduce their attack surface. We believe this partnership will give our products greater visibility and assist businesses in improving their cybersecurity strategies."

6pillars CEO, Lorenzo Modesto, says, “6clicks Marketplace is an exciting first and compelling development. 6pillars is delighted to be featured with 6clicks as a solution that delivers the continuous compliance that standards including SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI-DSS 4.0 will require for customers in AWS. Using 6clicks and 6pillars together gives retailers and other industries requiring high levels of compliance the immensely powerful combination to implement automated best-practice across their AWS cloud environments in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework.”  


About 6clicks

Aside from being fast to implement and easy to use, here’s how 6clicks is making waves in the market: 

  • Hub & Spoke architecture – designed from the ground up to support federated or distributed deployment, is perfect for large enterprises, advisors and MSPs.
  • Hailey AI Engine, the 6clicks AI engine does in seconds what would take weeks by automatically identifying areas of compliance and non-compliance against standards, laws, and regulations using our AI-powered mapping tool – a boon for compliance professionals.
  • Fully integrated content – no ‘uploads’, external data feeds or a lack of traceability – all you need is baked into the platform.    

As the name suggests (read: “The founder’s story: How 6clicks was born and what’s behind the name”), 6clicks makes it easy to manage risk and compliance. Designed for advisors and businesses powered by AI and integrated content, 6clicks is taking on giants like ServiceNow, OneTrust, RSA Archer and Galvanize.