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6clicks launches GRC evaluation guide for advisors and MSPs

Dr. Heather Buker |

September 22, 2022

6clicks launches GRC evaluation guide for advisors and MSPs


6clicks has developed the most comprehensive guide and checklist to help advisors and MSPs evaluate the available GRC software solutions. This guide is designed to help you choose a solution that provides the most value to your clients and your business. To instantly access a complete feature list and start comparing, head over to the 6clicks guide for evaluating GRC software for advisors and MSPs.

With increasing GRC platforms cropping up, going for the right platform is a difficult choice. An MSP that provides 360-degree solutions that extend to information security and GRC needs a robust multi-tenancy GRC solution. While this sounds simple in theory, with several multi-tenant GRC solutions available, many of them fall short when providing a comprehensive solution.

With the 6clicks guide, advisors and MSPs would be in a better position to make informed decisions and choose the best platform.

The need for a comprehensive GRC solution

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are moving away from traditional infrastructure support to provide 360-degree solutions extending to security and GRC. The growing importance of information security, rising concerns over cybersecurity, and a greater need for regulatory compliance are pushing organisations to look towards MSPs to help them with comprehensive solutions. Thus, MSPs are transitioning to increase their scope of work and become MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers), too.

Managing GRC for one organisation is complex enough, but when MSPs manage GRC for multiple clients, it's chaos. Manual methods and conventional software are simply not enough. It would be best if you had automation and AI's power to simplify GRC for multiple clients.

6clicks for MSPs and advisors

The 6clicks GRC platform for MSPs was designed to bring structure and convenience to GRC management and unlock productivity and business growth. The important features of the platform that are useful for advisors and MSPs are as below.

Automation: The 6clicks platform supports powerful automation. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, word documents, and version control. Automate GRC tasks, set reminders, get automated updates and much more when you onboard your clients to 6clicks.

Hub & Spoke architecture: This unique multi-tenancy architecture gives you a single pane glass view of the GRC programs of all your clients. You can easily launch assessments, track progress, and collaborate with the stakeholders within the client's organisation from a single platform.

Artificial Intelligence: Hailey, the 6clicks AI engine, goes over thousands of regulations and controls to find the overlaps giving you a simplified roadmap to multiple regulatory compliance.

An exhaustive content library: All the content you will ever need for GRC is integrated into the platform. You can use the templates already available for your clients or import your own templates and help clients use these.

Analytics & reporting suite: The analytics feature gives valuable insights and alerts that make managing multiple GRC programs a breeze. In addition, create pixel-perfect reports and data stories with just a few clicks.

The 6clicks platform is designed to combine outstanding efficiency and ease of use. Even with the powerful features listed above, using the platform is relatively straightforward. The platform supports multi-tenancy and scalability to provide services to large enterprises, take on more clients, and improve service quality.

Want to wow your clients and improve your revenues? Check out how the platform works by taking a free tour of 6clicks.

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