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Still relying on spreadsheets to manage compliance?

Dr. Heather Buker |

November 3, 2021

Still relying on spreadsheets to manage compliance?


Believe it or not, we still find during our presales processes that so many of our prospects are operating their entire GRC program off spreadsheets. We compete more with Excel and Google Sheets than any other “GRC” tool or platform. 😵

In the context of the modern, digitized economy, spreadsheets are fast becoming an outdated solution. When an organization first makes the decision to use Excel or Word and/or SharePoint to manage its risk processes, they sacrifice the ability to manage data consistently, at scale, and across a widespread operation.

While spreadsheets are familiar and comfortable, they also create a lot of stress and potential risk.


"But, but, but..."


You don't have a "but" we haven't heard.


But Spreadsheets Are So Easy...

Let's talk about what spreadsheets won't do but a holistic GRC platform, like 6clicks, will:

  • Create process repeatability across GRC workflows and use cases

  • Reduce human error and mistakes that come with manually managing and manipulating data. Even your best employee can make a simple error when entering data into a spreadsheet or generating formulas. To make matters worse, inaccurate data can easily be overlooked. But, if a particular decision is based on that data, it can have a lasting – and potentially devastating – impact

  • Provide a clear, robust audit trail in one source of truth location

  • Increase accountability with the ability to delegate assignments and facilitate automated follow-ups and reminders about open assessments, reviews, and other GRC-related tasks

Did we mention implementing the 6clicks platform is easier than manually managing your spreadsheets? Why complete tasks manually when you can streamline, automate, and innovate with 6clicks?


But Our Users Won't Adopt a Tool...

Value, value, value, value.

Preach value. Don't preach functionality.

If your organization is struggling to reach the user community or struggling with user adoption, I encourage you to turn functionality into a value proposition. What kind of time will this tool save your employee base? How repeatable, and accurate, will the tool make their everyday processes?

It’s all about tangibly relating it back to the user and making it feel like something that will bring them true value to their everyday duties instead of just another application they must learn and adopt.


But We Already Have Policies and Processes In Place...

Great! You're one step ahead.

If you’re using the right solution, your processes and practices should be enhanced with the tool. They should be streamlined. Automated. Workflowed. And the list goes on.

Just because you choose to replace your spreadsheet methods with a tool doesn’t mean all is lost with your policies, processes, and practices. GRC solutions and tools, like 6clicks, are intended to enhance your use case experience – not require you to completely change them.

Unless, of course, your processes are in need of an overhaul. Then, let's talk.

Robust GRC tools are going to facilitate industry-standard workflows to provide a baseline process but remain configurable enough to allow for some movement to adapt with your internal processes that are already set.


But We Wouldn't Know Where to Start...

DON'T: One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen clients make is trying to push for their processes to be fully ironed out before looking for a tool. They delay tool implementation in light of a process not having a finish line or missing a few steps.

That’s not always necessary. Let 6clicks grow with you.

If you need to start small, start small. Start with one use case in a tool, perfect it, then expand to the rest of your program. While having your GRC processes outlined ahead of searching for a tool is awesome, it’s not a prerequisite.

DO: Find your pain points.

Is it workflow? Is it scalability? Is it accountability with control owners and audit season? Something else?

Find those pain points because those create your desired value statements.

Once you know what value gaps you’re trying to fill with a tool, drop us a line and we’ll handle the rest.


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