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Powerful automation for scalable and future-ready MSPs

Dr. Heather Buker |

Created: September 7, 2022|Last Updated: August 17, 2023
Powerful automation for scalable and future-ready MSPs


Managing GRC is complex, which is why many organisations outsource GRC management to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). But even for MSPs, managing GRCs for multiple clients is no easy feat. For years, organisations have relied on spreadsheets and Word documents for implementing organisational GRC. With technological advancement, they have also dabbled in rudimentary GRC software. But these software solutions haven’t really been much of an improvement over the static spreadsheets.

This is where MSPs can come in and provide better solutions that streamline, simplify, and speed up GRC for organisations. And what better way to achieve all this than to explore automation for GRC?

More power to MSPs

What happens when the 6clicks AI engine Hailey, a vast integrated content library, and a unique Hub & Spoke architecture come together? It’s the perfect recipe for faster, better, more efficient GRC that’s scalable and future-ready. When MSPs use 6clicks to deploy GRC solutions for their clients, they bring innovation and value to their service offering by providing IT security and compliance rolled up into a unified platform.

Imagine working on a spreadsheet to unsuccessfully keep track of risk management and remediation, versus an automation-enabled platform that helps you create documents, launch assessments, record metrics, and do a lot more just with a few clicks. That’s the power of the AI-powered 6clicks platform. Here are some major advantages of using 6clicks for MSPs.

  • Multi-tenancy: The multi-tenant 6clicks platform provides MSP advisors with a single-pane glass view of their entire client base on the platform. It helps in the easy monitoring and deployment of solutions and allows you to take on more clients. This ability to scale your business is good for your bottom line.
  • Improve overall IT security: The automation gives powerful insights into the client’s risk and compliance maturity. This opens up an opportunity for MSPs to cross-sell solutions to remediate risks and also help the client improve their overall IT security posture. With MSPs transitioning into MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers), cybersecurity is becoming an important part of the services that a client seeks.
  • Efficient risk management: With automated risk assessments, risk remediation plans, and the capability to continuously monitor and improve the process make for a more efficient risk management system.
  • Faster GRC implementation: At the cost of repetition, automation speeds up GRC implementation. It is exponentially faster than tedious and complex spreadsheets. With just a few clicks, you can assess, manage, remediate, monitor, and respond. It really does not get simpler than this!
  • Fulfil regulatory compliance: By automatically mapping the requirements of all major compliance standards, you can help organisations reduce re-work and achieve compliance in a streamlined manner.
  • Reselling 6clicks licenses: You can easily create a connected account for a client on the 6clicks platform to help them simplify GRC. As the client comes to appreciate the value the platform provides, you can resell the licenses required for them to use the platform.

Experts Guide to GRC Software

  • Create value and command higher fees: When you create more value for your clients, you can justify the higher fees you charge. Use data storytelling and the Analytics & Reporting suite on the platform to help the clients understand their compliance maturity and suggest ways to enhance it.
  • Decrease overall costs for the clients: Building in-house teams for risk and compliance is not just a complex task, it is also quite expensive. In comparison, outsourcing to an MSP gives clients a cost benefit as well as easy access to skilled resources. With the power of automation, risk & compliance can be managed by an MSP with limited resources, bringing down the cost. This cost-benefit can be passed on to the client reducing their total spend on GRC management.
  • Keep up with organisational changes: Whether it’s digital transformation initiatives or business expansion, changes in the organisation call for renewed risk assessment and management. With 6clicks, you can easily help organisations assess new environments and change to quickly identify new risks and create remediation plans.

Need more reasons to trust 6clicks for GRC? Read an in-depth analysis of the platform and how it constitutes a powerful solution for GRC - GRC 20/20 Solution Perspective.

Final thoughts

6clicks is a platform that can be used by both MSPs and their clients to manage risk. Since risk management is such a critical part of GRC, once you take care of the risks, the other parts of GRC implementation become easier. When you let 6clicks unleash the power of automation and AI, you improve the client's cybersecurity and compliance maturity and enhance customer experience. And with this value creation, you power your own business to grow by leapfrogging the competition. 

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