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6clicks: What’s new in May 2020?

Louis Strauss |

May 28, 2020

6clicks: What’s new in May 2020?


Hi all,

Louis here. Just a quick update this month for the 6clicks Web App.

The new main feature updates include:

1. Risk Access Permissions

2. Third-Party/Client Labels

Risk Access Permissions

Our Risk Module continues to get better! We’ve just added Risk Access Permissions, meaning Administrators can determine who can and cannot see different risks. Once the risk is created, all you have to do is select the user(s) that you want to provide access to the risk using the Access List field in the risk details – it really is that simple!c

It’s important to note that all Administrators will have access to all risks.

Third-Party/Client Labels

Previously, if you are an enterprise business using 6clicks, the default label is Third-Party/Third-Parties. If you are a Service Provider, the default label was clients. Regardless of you were, you could not change this.

Now, we’ve done away pre-defined and ‘hard-coded’ labels. You can customise these labels across your entire team account however you want. Simply navigate to Administration > Settings. In the General tab, you’ll see under Custom Labels you’ll be able to replace the Third-Party/Client labels.

Two things to note here:

– You’ll need to define the singular and plural labels

– Don’t forget to press Save all at the top of the page to implement the changes

We’ve also got some big new releases coming next month for both the web app and mobile app.

If you missed my article earlier in the month about our mobile app. We released our first major update including a couple more exciting new features.

Read more about it at the link below.

So stay tuned and stay safe!

– Louis