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Attestations enhancement: Single attestation to multiple controls

Louis Strauss |

August 24, 2022

Attestations enhancement: Single attestation to multiple controls


The Attestation module has had a functional uplift in the latest 6clicks product enhancement. Earlier, users would have to select each control individually for attestation. With the new change, you can select the entire control set. 

How is the new attestations module more useful?

The previous Attestation module let you attest to each control separately. So, you could assess the effectiveness of a control process by reviewing each control and record recordingomments. With the new Attestations module, you can select the entire control set and attest once to multiple controls.

This feature makes attestations faster and more convenient for end users. You can select one or more control sets as part of an attestation workflow.  

Selecting Attestation Items

The new Attestations enhancement is useful when management teams are required to review and sign off on control sets. It is also useful when new users are needed to go through company policies as part of the onboarding process. Being able to select multiple control sets saves time and simplifies the attestation process in these cases.

Adding attestors and checking their progress

Multiple attestors can be added to a single attestation. Users can search and select team members that are already on the 6clicks platform individually or in groups. You can also invite a new team member to attest by entering their email. 

Once you add attestors and send the attestation to them, they will be able to see the attestation in their own Attestation module under My Tasks. You can check their progress and view their comments by clicking on each attestor’s name as shown below.

tracking attestation progress

You can send attestors reminders to complete their tasks, too, using the 'Send Reminder' button to ensure their completion.

You can remove attestors at any point or choose to close the attestation entirely - foregoing additional completion. 

Read more about using the Attestations module in the 6clicks knowledgebase

See the below video for more information regarding this Attestation update: