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Control set viewer and export updates

Louis Strauss |

October 4, 2022

Control set viewer and export updates


Managing and communicating internal controls is integral to any successful business. That's why we are excited to announce our revamped control set viewer and export capability. The control set viewer allows you to easily view the details of each control and any linked provisions or responsibilities. In addition, the new filtering capability allows you to view controls across multiple control set domains at once.


The export capability has been significantly improved, allowing you to download a beautifully formatted pdf version of your control set with your company logo included!


Lastly, you can also select whether users can download control sets from an attestation or the Trust Portal.

If you are already using 6clicks and want to learn more about control sets, check out our knowledge base here, or our what's new changelog here. Alternatively, if you're not yet using 6clicks and would like to learn more about how 6clicks can help you with risk and compliance, please reach out to us by clicking below.

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