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Question based assessment (QBA) skip logic updates

Louis Strauss |

October 4, 2022

Question based assessment (QBA) skip logic updates


One of the core modules of 6clicks is the audits and assessments module, providing teams with the endless capability to run maturity assessments, internal audits, supply chain assessments, and so much more. Today we're excited to announce an update to one of the key assessment workflows, the question based assessment (QBA), which entails significant improvements to question skip logic.

When creating a question based assessment, skip logic can be applied, meaning questions are hidden based on the answers selected for previous questions. You can select one or more question responses when defining skip logic for a question. Previously if more than one question response was selected when setting up the skip logic, the logic condition applied was AND, meaning the question was hidden when both responses were selected. We've now introduced the ability to select either AND or OR when defining skip logic where multiple question responses are required.

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Additionally, skip logic can now be applied to child questions belonging to a parent question for creating more advanced assessment flows.

If you are already using 6clicks and want to learn more about audits and assessments, check out our knowledge base here or our what's new changelog here. Alternatively, if you're not yet using 6clicks and would like to learn more about how 6clicks can help you with risk and compliance, please reach out to us by clicking below.

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