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Three new reports added to Reports & Analytics

Louis Strauss |

August 24, 2022

Three new reports added to Reports & Analytics


One of the objectives of 6clicks is to simplify risk and compliance processes for the platform users. With the intent to further enhance the user experience, we have released new reports to our analytics suite. These reports will further help users streamline their monitoring efforts.

Accessing reports on 6clicks

To access the reports, click on the ‘Analytics’ tab in the top menu navigation on the dashboard.

6clicks reporting

All the reports will be displayed.

6clicks reporting

You can use the search bar to search for a specific report and use filters as needed to customise your report.

New reports added as part of the latest release

User, Group, and Role Audit Logs

These reports are for tracking all changes made to users, groups, and roles. To access this report, go to the 6clicks Reporting & Dashboards folder and then to the Administration reporting folder. 

User roles are used in 6clicks to group privileges and accesses that users have on the 6clicks platform. Once the user roles are defined, new users of the platform can be assigned these roles to give them the appropriate access. You can change these roles in user management. On the 6clicks platform, you can create new roles and also change existing roles under role management. Similarly, you can create groups to customise the dashboard for specific groups of users. 

With the new report, all the changes to users, groups, and roles made under the Administrator tab can be tracked effectively.

Assessment Results (QBA) - by Risk (Radar)

6clicks Reporting already had reports for Assessment Results (QBA). Now, a new report can be created, too. In the Audits & Assessments tab, you can use the filter option to view different QBA assessments and generate reports. A new filter for QBA assessments by risk (radar) has been included.

6clicks QBA assessment report by risk(radar)

With this new report, you can now see the minimum, medium, and maximum values of your risk-rated assessment domains displayed on a radar chart as shown above.

Assessment Results (QBA) - by Weighting (Radar)

In addition to the QBA assessment results with the weighting filter, you can now also create the report on a radar chart. This will let you view the minimum, medium, and maximum values of your weighted assessment domains. To create the radar report, go to Audits & Assessments and use the appropriate filter.

About 6clicks Reporting & Analytics

6clicks prides itself on creating a reporting and analytics system that helps you get powerful insights while providing a superior user experience. The platform has customisable dashboards, LiveDocs for data storytelling, pre-built reports, and automated signals and insights. Tracking and monitoring are very convenient with the Analytics suite.