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World’s leading GRC platform unveils the ‘Arden Release’.

Louis Strauss |

February 16, 2021

World’s leading GRC platform unveils the ‘Arden Release’.



Upgraded Custom-format Report Generator

6clicks users can now ingest branded and bespoke reporting templates, which ensures the platform now seamlessly delivers back your assessment outputs just the way you like it. You can then share these deeper and more engaging insights with your team, clients and regulators! Not only is this a big productivity winner for your consultants completing assessment-style engagements, but the incorporation of your own standardised "look & feel" means the output aligns with all the other materials you provide to your clients.



If democratisation of risk & compliance is critical to your organisation, then one tool that will make the lifecycle management simple, easy & timely is the 6clicks attestation function. Select the series of controls & risks, nominate specific people across your teams (internal, external, or both!) and help them share the responsibility of the review and sign-off process. Very, very cool stuff that helps clients achieve the holy grail of enterprise-wide aligned GRC management.




ServiceNow is here…like, now.

The 6clicks integrations are coming online and the first is the one-way sync from the ServiceNow Asset Register into your 6clicks Asset Register! Once connected, a ServiceNow-to-6clicks update will be run every hour, meaning any assets removed, added or updated in ServiceNow will be reflected in 6clicks.

service now


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