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Simplify cyber risk and compliance with Hailey AI

Louis Strauss |

January 19, 2024
Simplify cyber risk and compliance with Hailey AI

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Simplify cyber risk and compliance with Hailey AI


Risk and compliance management is challenging and time-consuming for most organisations. It involves navigating volumes of standards, laws, and regulations, implementing and monitoring policies and controls, and conducting internal reviews and audits. Understanding the complexity of regulatory compliance and risk management, 6clicks has developed Hailey AI exactly for one purpose: to make the lives of risk and compliance professionals easier and help organizations manage their compliance obligations effectively. Learn how 6clicks can better equip you to tackle risk and compliance using Hailey AI. 

What is Hailey AI? 

Built for risk and compliance, Hailey is 6clicks’ AI engine that equips users with intuitive compliance automation tools and workflow capabilities. It is integrated into 6clicks’ GRC software, including 6clicks’ Hub & Spoke, along with our other core GRC capabilities such as audits and assessments, risk and issue management, compliance management, and reporting & analytics. 

Hailey is the first-ever AI engine built for GRC. It’s all about helping organizations automate their risk and compliance activities and build resilient and robust programs. From compliance mapping to automated audit and assessment responses powered by generative AI, Hailey AI allows organizations to do more with less through automating manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks and making more informed decisions for better organizational outcomes. 

Hailey AI for GRC 

Use cases of Hailey AI

Here are the key features of Hailey AI: 

Compliance mapping 

Various compliance standards and frameworks like the ISO 27001 or NIST CSF often have overlapping compliance requirements, and finding these similarities usually takes compliance teams hours and substantial effort. But with Hailey, you can scan different authority documents simultaneously, pinpoint overlapping requirements, and calculate similarity scores in minutes. 

As a result, Hailey not only helps teams minimize their workload and avoid the repetition of tasks but also allows risk and compliance teams to gain valuable insights into the similarities and differences between standards, laws, regulations, and frameworks.  

Crosswalk automation 

As discussed above, Hailey’s advanced mapping capability enables compliance crosswalking by linking different frameworks together via their similar requirements. This then enables users to complete a single audit or assessment against one and then understand the level of compliance against many others at the click of a button. Mapping reports can then be generated detailing the linkages and related compliance posture between similar standards, laws, regulations, and frameworks. These insights can also be easily shared with key stakeholders. 

Policy gap analysis 

Hailey’s powerful mapping capability can also be extended to internal policies and control sets. Map your internal policies and control sets to your external compliance requirements to get a deep understanding of areas of compliance and non-compliance, helping you identify where to focus your resources. This process typically takes weeks and can be done in mere minutes with Hailey. 

Hailey GPT 

Hailey GPT is changing GRC forever. It offers automated audit and assessment responses based on your data and historical responses, greatly enhancing the speed and ease of the response process. You can now respond to inbound audits and assessments quickly, saving precious time that would otherwise be lost in manual information collection. Furthermore, Hailey GPT brings consistency and accuracy to your responses. Leveraging past audit and assessment responses and internal policies minimizes human errors and ensures that responses are in line with your actual policies and procedures. This not only bolsters reliability but also the credibility of your assessment processes. Additionally, Hailey supports growth by enabling you to handle an increased volume of assessments without the need for additional resources. The system is adaptable to changing demands, making it ideal for growing organizations.  

Hailey GPT can also generate control definitions based on specific compliance requirements they are designed to cover, automating control set creation and saving companies time and money. 

What are the benefits of Hailey AI? 

With Hailey AI, feel empowered to build robust risk and compliance programs leveraging our advanced GRC AI capabilities. Here are some of the benefits that Hailey brings to the table:   

Cross-compliance implementation 

Hailey’s AI mapping capabilities, which include standard and regulation crosswalking and overlap analysis powered by machine learning and natural language processing, help organizations ensure compliance with multiple security standards and regulations and build resilient compliance programs. It enables teams to eliminate highly repetitive and manual mapping efforts and focus on more value-adding work. Add in 6clicks’ one-click report generation tool for audits and assessment, and you can cut down days' worth of work to mere minutes. 

Proactive risk mitigation 

By detecting and addressing compliance gaps and areas of non-compliance early on, Hailey helps organizations prevent regulatory and compliance risks. Together with 6clicks’ integrated risk and issue management modules, Hailey AI makes way for successfully implementing preemptive risk management strategies. 

Powerful recommendations and generative capability

Hailey makes precise and meaningful recommendations, generates audit and assessment responses, and controls definitions to a high degree of accuracy to save teams hundreds of hours. 

Streamline risk and compliance with Hailey AI 

Facilitate compliance-related activities and bolster your compliance capability through 6clicks’ AI-powered GRC platform. Explore how to augment and scale your risk and compliance programs. 



Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis began his career in Berlin where he also founded Dobbel Berlin – Berlin’s curated search engine. Returning to Melbourne to join KPMG, Louis lead the development of software designed to distribute IP and create a platform for us by advisors and clients. While at KPMG, Louis also co-authored Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy. Louis is accomplished in stakeholder management, requirements gathering, product testing, refinement and project implementation. Louis also holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.