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Managing Third-Party Cyber Risk in 2022 (TPRM)

Third party risk management for cyber risks in 2022

Many people view risk in business as something that should be avoided at all costs. However, we believe that with the appropriate third-party risk management processes, these..

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Considerations When Shopping for Cyber Insurance

Considerations when shopping for cyber insurance

I just returned from the RIMS2020 conference in San Francisco and while the newly built façade of Moscone Center was impressive, COVID protocols were dialed in and many friendly..

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Cyber Security Risk 101: Introduction, Frameworks and Management

Cyber security risk 101: Introduction, frameworks and management

More than ever, organizations of all sizes are finding themselves under increasing pressure to mitigate and manage cyber risk.  With cybercrime soaring and cyber incidents..

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A quick and easy digital solution for ASIC RG 271

It is now mandatory to comply with ASIC Regulatory Guide (RG) 271. Are you ready? You know all about the complexities of managing customer complaints while juggling ASIC..

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information security management system (ISMS)

Use case spotlight: Information Security Management System (ISMS)

If you need to protect customer and company information (that is almost all of you), an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001 or NIST Cyber Security..

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APRAcadabra – APRA CPS 234 Compliance Tips for Service Providers

APRAcadabra – APRA CPS 234 compliance tips for service providers

If you already (or wish to) work with APRA regulated entities, this is for you.   Great news! Our friends at APRA have given your clients until July 1 this year to achieve..

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APRAcadabra! APRA CPS 234 Compliance Tips for Business

APRAcadabra! APRA CPS 234 compliance tips for business

Introduction If you are regulated by APRA, then this is for you.  Now that you have started ensuring that newly contracted third parties handle your information appropriately..

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5 reasons why spreadsheets don't work for managing risk assessments

Introduction If your organisation relies on Excel and Word as its preferred tools for managing compliance and risk assessment, this could have disastrous consequences for the..

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Third-party risk management: In the hot seat with APRA

  Summary On November 7, 2018, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) released the final version of its prudential standard on information security management in..

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