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How non-executive directors can enhance cybersecurity risk governance

How non-executive directors can enhance cybersecurity risk governance?

Global cybercrime damages are expected to reach USD 7 trillion in 2022. If left unchecked the costs in cyber damages can go up to USD 10.5 trillion by 2025. There is an urgent..

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The Four Big Risk Management Challenges in 2022

4 Reasons businesses need Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

For many businesses, 2022 has been a mixed bag with opportunities galore and yet we are faced with daily challenges owing to an ongoing pandemic, supply chain issues and labour..

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Hub & Spoke: Helping not-for-profits manage GRC

The 6clicks Hub & Spoke model provides not-for-profits with a flexible way to run GRC programs across multi-entity networks, departments and use cases. It allows not-for-profits..

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5 Enterprise Compliance Considerations: Gaming Edition

5 enterprise compliance considerations: Gaming edition

5 Enterprise compliance considerations, knowing 33% of employees are gaming and participating in sports gambling on their company PC. Online gaming is now the worlds largest..

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Introducing Automated Risks and Issues from Assessment Results

Introducing automated risks and issues from risk assessment results

At 6clicks, we are constantly striving to reduce time to value and streamline workflows via process automation. Creating a repeatable process that leads to increased efficiency is..

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How Hub & Spoke Helps Everyone Manage Risk and Compliance

How Hub & Spoke helps everyone manage risk and compliance

The 6clicks Hub & Spoke model provides customers with a flexible way to run GRC programs across multi-entity organizations and use cases. It allows organizations to centralize..

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Right Sizing Your GRC Program

Right sizing your GRC program

Because of all the changes we are living through - the velocity of regulatory changes, a global pandemic, and no end in sight of cyber events - there’s a heightened awareness for..

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Cyber Security Risk 101: Introduction, Frameworks and Management

Cyber security risk 101: Introduction, frameworks and management

More than ever, organizations of all sizes are finding themselves under increasing pressure to mitigate and manage cyber risk.  With cybercrime soaring and cyber incidents..

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Boundless process automation: Introducing 6clicks integrations

Melbourne, Australia — The missing link in the digital transformation of GRC integration is, well...integration!  So, we fixed that. Today, we are excited to announce 6clicks..

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Business risk and financial risk

Calculating business risk and financial risk

The operation of a business at any level, in any department, involves risk. Therefore, it is crucial that every person in an organisation understands the various risks associated..

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