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Major Release: Improved Login

Hi All, We enjoyed bringing you the major release last week so much we thought why not do it all again with a major upgrade to our Sign in user experience.  Being the first step..

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Major Release: New Risk UI Packed with New Features and Functionality

Hi All, Massive news this week announcing our complete overhaul of the Risks module, including Registers, Libraries and Reviews.    This truly stunning new UI makes managing the..

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New Features: Control Effectiveness Report & Service Provider – Just a Gig License

Hi All,  We have some big items this week that are sure to get you even more excited about our stellar web application!  A new report on both Control & Responsibility..

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New Features: Assessment Reopening and Service Provider Updates

Hi All, We have packed some highly requested functionality into this week’s release, including the ability to reopen Assessments and an all-new way to create client accounts as a..

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Hailey AI Mapping Updates and Import/Export Additions

Hi All, As showcased in our debut webinar this week, we have released the long awaited and highly anticipated Hailey AI mapping functionality, providing the ability to identify..

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The New 6clicks Updates Headed Your Way!

Hi All, The product team are excited to announce a whole range of new items and updates, including new reports and our brand-new Internal Control Set Builder! Here’s a quick list..

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6clicks: What’s New in August 2020?

Hi All, Wishing everyone a safe and successful start to Spring! I am proud to say we’ve been able to bring you another amazing month packed with feature releases, with a strong..

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6clicks: What’s New in June 2020?

6clicks: What’s New in June 2020?

6clicks: What’s New? June 2020 Hi all, As anticipated, June has been a big month of new features and I’m excited to share them with you. If you want to learn more about each of..

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6clicks: What’s New in March 2020?

6clicks: What’s New in March 2020?

6clicks: What’s New? March 2020 Hi all, Louis here. We have some great new features now available in the 6clicks Web App. The new main feature updates include: 1. Anytime Risk..

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6clicks: What’s New in January 2020?

6clicks: What’s New in January 2020?

6clicks: What’s New? January 2020 Hi all, Louis here. We’ve had another big couple weeks of new functionality! The new main feature updates include: 1. Assessment Results Word..

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