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The ultimate ISO 27001 checklist

Dr. Heather Buker |

May 13, 2022

The ultimate ISO 27001 checklist


What is ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 standard is a globally recognized information security management system that many businesses are required to undergo.

It helps organizations manage the risks of their business going forward, and it also sets out requirements for how an organization manages its data securely.

This includes access control standards, cryptography use policies, and other guidelines that ensure the security of an organization's data. 

The information security industry is not just for the experts. It's time to make sure your company has a rock-solid game plan in place to keep your data secure from hackers and malware.

ISO 27001 checklist

Step 1: Conduct a company assessment

What information does your business handle? Is it sensitive or confidential data that might be used to create a hacker’s treasure trove if accessed? Next, establish an appropriate level of protection for the assessed risks by taking some simple steps outlined below. 

Step 2: Know your data

What type of information is stored, and where? Does it include PII or other types of sensitive personal information? Are there any regulations (such as HIPAA) that might demand a higher level of protection than you had originally planned for?

Step 3: Consider the risks

The risks to your data have not changed, but how you address them has. In the past, many companies were content with a low level of protection because they couldn’t be hacked anyway. But today hackers are more sophisticated and determined than ever before—and they don't want just any information; they're looking for the data that will be most lucrative if they can get their hands on it.  

Experts Guide to ISO 27001 - lilacExperts Guide to ISO 27001 - lilac

Step 4: Install and maintain appropriate controls

Depending on your industry, you may need to implement a variety of solutions to meet compliance requirements. You'll also want to periodically review those measures to ensure they are still doing what needs to be done.

Step 5: Communicate

This is not just about protecting your information from hackers; it's also about the company culture of security awareness and protection that you need to develop throughout every part of your business, including employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Step 6: Document

The last step in this checklist is to document everything you've done. 

Review the ISO 27001 checklist periodically to make sure your company is on track and that all of the necessary measures are in place. 

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