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Third-party management updates

Louis Strauss |

November 10, 2022
Third-party management updates


Today the 6clicks team are excited to announce a series of new updates to the third-party module, with more to come! This initial release lays the foundations for next-level third-party/vendor onboarding and management and includes a newly revamped user interface, workflow stages and history trail.


The third-party module borrows from the excellent user interface of the risk module, providing users with a cleanly laid out third-party details page. The details of each third party, including custom fields, are now displayed in the screen's centre component in the Overview tab, with any risks or issues linked to the third-party shown in the right-side panel menu under linked data. Additionally, at the top of the Overview tab is a ribbon displaying the risk rating, criticality and stage of the third party, and information on when it was created and last updated.

We've also introduced the concept of stages to help manage the lifecycle of your third parties. We have a series of out-of-the-box stages ready to go, but you can always customise these to meet your needs.

6clicks allows you to send assessments to your third parties to assess their level of compliance; this can be done in bulk for an entire supply chain assessment or as a one-off. Now you can view a list of all the assessments a third-party has completed from the main third-party table by clicking on the assessments icon, which will display assessment information in the right-hand side panel. You can also navigate directly to that assessment from the side panel.

Lastly, we have also introduced the history tab, which provides a chronological overview of all updates made to a third party. The information displayed in the history tab includes a date-time stamp and the user's name who performed the update.

As mentioned above, this is only the first phase of updates planned for the third-party module. Nevertheless, it lays some exciting foundations for the subsequent phases, which focus on third-party onboarding and assessment automation.

Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

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