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Using 6clicks to align with ISO 31001 best practices

Andrew Robinson |

Created: February 16, 2023|Last Updated: July 10, 2023
Using 6clicks to align with ISO 31001 best practices


What is ISO 31001?

ISO/IEC 31001 is a standard that provides guidance on how to establish, implement, maintain, and improve risk management in an organization. It is based on the ISO 31000 risk management standard and is intended to be used as a supplement to it.

Some of the best practices for implementing ISO/IEC 31001 include:

Establishing a risk management policy and framework: This includes defining the risk management process, establishing roles and responsibilities, and setting up a system for communication and reporting.

Identifying risks: This involves identifying potential risks that could impact the organization and its objectives, and evaluating their likelihood and potential impact.

Analyzing risks: Once risks have been identified, they should be analyzed to determine the level of risk they pose to the organization and to identify potential controls or mitigating actions.

Evaluating risks: This involves comparing the level of risk to the organization's risk tolerance and deciding on an appropriate course of action.

Treating risks: This involves implementing controls or mitigating actions to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level.

Monitoring and reviewing risks: It is important to regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of risk controls and to update the risk management process as needed.

How to use 6clicks to align with the ISO 31001 best practices?

6clicks is a unified GRC platform for risk management and compliance. It helps organizations implement different standards such as ISO 31001, NIST, PCI-DSS, and many more. The AI engine Hailey makes it easy to map several standards to find overlaps that simplify compliance. Automation enables faster audits, assessments, and monitoring to ensure compliance.

Below are the features of the 6clicks platform that help in aligning with ISO 31001 best practices.

  1. A comprehensive content library

The content library helps in creating policy documents, assessments, questionnaires, etc. You can use the inbuilt content, customize it, or upload your own content to the platform.

  1. AI Engine, Hailey

Every standard and framework, including ISO 31001, has its own complexity. The 6clicks AI engine Hailey helps map hundreds of standards to give you the shortest and easiest route to ISO 31001 compliance.

  1. Audits and assessments

The 6clicks platform lets you automate internal audits and assessments for identifying risks faster, thus helping in quicker implementation of ISO 31001.

  1. Automated risk management

6clicks helps in automating risk management with the help of risk registers. You can easily group them, plan risk treatment, and monitor the risks for an efficient risk management lifecycle.

  1. Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics suite helps in creating visually appealing reports with a single click. It helps in getting useful insights and alerts and makes it easy to review and monitor all tasks.

  1. Collaboration

The 6clicks platform also supports effective collaboration by letting you onboard key team members to the platform and helping assign tasks related to implementing ISO 31001. By keeping all the conversations on a single platform, you can ensure that the stakeholders are on the same page.

Risk Management is becoming complex due to the changing regulatory and legal requirements. It is also becoming more relevant than ever in light of the evolving threat landscape. Know more about Risk Management with 6clicks and take a demo of our platform by clicking on the button below.

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