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Using 6clicks to support your DISP Membership

Anthony Stevens |

Created: September 6, 2022|Last Updated: April 11, 2024
Using 6clicks to support your DISP Membership


About DISP membership 

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is managed by the Defence Industry Security Office (DISO). Compliance with DISP involves meeting the security requirements and obligations when engaging with defence projects. By complying with DISP, businesses can apply for a DISP membership. A DISP membership is fast becoming a mandatory requirement to enter the defence supply chain.  

DISP membership is open to any Australian business looking to become part of the Defence industry supply chain. Depending on the type of work you undertake with Defence and the contractual requirements thereof, a DISP membership can be mandated.

It is essentially security vetting for Australian businesses. The membership has different levels depending on the type of work you engage in. 

How does DISP help?

A DISP membership is a mandatory or preferred requirement when you are looking to do business with a defence organisation. But over and above this, the membership also lets you manage security risks. This is actually great because it ultimately promotes better security across your business. 

Here are a few advantages of DISP:

  • DISP helps you to get the right security requirements when delivering Defence contracts and tenders. 
  • It gives you access to Defence security advice and support services. 
  • The membership helps you better understand and manage security risks across your business. 
  • It provides confidence and assurance to Defence and other government entities (either Australian or foreign) when procuring goods and services from industry members.
  • It also opens up opportunities for you to enter international supply chains involving countries with which Australia has bilateral ties.
  • You get access to security training and training material that will further enhance your security posture.

Read more in our blog - All you need to know about DISP. 

6clicks and DISP 

6clicks is itself a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and has leveraged its platform to streamline the process of preparing the associated artifacts, performing assessments, and demonstrating compliance. We also have several DISP members onboard using the platform for DISP (and ISM) compliance, and some partners offering DISP advisory and assessment services. 


Using 6clicks to support your DISP membership 

The 6clicks platform provides complete support for getting a DISP membership of the appropriate level. With an AI-powered GRC, managing DISP compliance has never been easier. The platform lets you manage the full lifecycle of audit, risk management, and issue & incident management. 

Here's how you can fast-track the DISP membership application with 6clicks.

  • Assessment for the DISP Annual Security Report 
  • Compliance with the Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF)
  • Aggregating and maintaining NIST CSF assessment results
  • Maintaining the DISP membership
  • Preparing for audits

In terms of content to support the functionality in the 6clicks platform, 6clicks has published the Defence Security Principles Framework (Controls and Principle only versions), along with the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and Information Security Manual (ISM). We also make available 50+ global Privacy Acts and the Australian Spam Act.  

If you require additional content, then please let us know. Our partners also make available additional content such as their own DISP membership readiness assessments and the like. 6clicks plans to prepare an assessment template that aligns with the DISP reporting requirements for all customers. That’s currently on our backlog but we can jump on it if it becomes imperative. 

One of the 6clicks modules is called Issues & Incidents, which supports issue/incident creation and management, including action assignment. This module like many others integrates with the Zapier service which can assist in defining custom integrations and workflows with other tools that you may be using (Slack, Teams etc). 

By following the best practices, you can increase your chances of a successful DISP application. Read more in our blog: Increase your chances of achieving DISP membership.

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