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6clicks: What’s new in December 2019?

Louis Strauss |

Created: December 18, 2019|Last Updated: April 10, 2024
6clicks: What’s new in December 2019?


December 2019

Hi all,

Louis (Head of Product) here! I am very excited to share some of the progress and great new features we’ve developed for you.

New Menu Naming Convention

One of the bigger changes we’ve made to the system is the renaming of the main menu to a simpler convention.

Screenshot of new 6clicks sidebar menu

The new menu changes are as follows:

– Standards, Laws and Regulations have changed to  Authorities; and

– Policies and Control Frameworks have changed to Internal Controls.

For reference, Authorities are external reference documents encompassing all standards, laws and regulations applicable to an organisation. While Internal Controls are all internal reference documents, including control sets and policies.

New Assesment Overview Panel

We have also created a new interface for sending assessments, which includes the new Assessment Overview panel. The panel displays important details about the assessment, including the number of included questions, question domains and mapped controls.

Screenshot of sample assessment overview panel

New Assessment Tracking Feature

We’ve also introduced our new assessment tracking feature, which allows you to see how many questions have been answered.

Screenshot of new assessment status options

Hide Document Upload Toggle

When creating an assessment question, you can now also hide the document upload component – as seen below.

Screenshot of new 'Display Document Upload Box' toggle
Sample question with hidden document upload

Provision-to-Question Mapping Functionality

New to 6clicks is our provision to question mapping functionality. Previously you could only map controls to questions, now you can map both controls and provisions to questions. See the diagram below for more details. 

Risk Rating Global Question Type

Our last feature announcement is the new risk rating global question type. This new global question type allows you to set a risk rating at the question response level when setting up an assessment in order to easily identify question responses and question domains that require immediate attention.

Screenshot of new risk rating function during assessment creation
RIsk Response 2
Sample assessment results by domain by risk rating

Bulk Exports for Assessment Templates

We’ve also added bulk export functionality for Assessment Templates (Preferred), so you can download all assessment results into one CSV file.

Other Features and Upcoming Changes

Lastly, we have some exciting (big!) new features being released in late December and January, including asset and risk management modules and policy statements and related responsibilities. This is part of our TrustyGate acquisition and is phase one of providing users with a turn-key information security management system (ISMS).

Other exciting features coming soon include the new industry and country question types, multi-select question type and the ability to download assessment results to a Word document, as well as a series of other functional improvements. Stay tuned for more details!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to know more about what 6clicks can do for you, please send me an email at or book in a time to chat here.

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