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6clicks: What’s new in June 2020?

Louis Strauss |

June 15, 2020

6clicks: What’s new in June 2020?


6clicks: What’s New?

June 2020

Hi all,

As anticipated, June has been a big month of new features and I’m excited to share them with you.

If you want to learn more about each of these new features, please click the linked articles in each respective section.

First up is our significantly improved remediation functionality with the introduction of Issues & Actions, an entirely new menu item!

With this whole new module, you can now create an Issue that has been identified and associate to any entity within 6clicks:

– Assessments, Question Domains and Questions 

– Control Sets/Policies, Controls and Statements 

– Authorities and Provisions 

– Assets 

– Risks

You can also create Actions which are associated to Issues, and assign these actions to users within your Team, or even Teams that have completed assessments you have sent them.

We’ve designed it this way so that if the responding Team has responded to a question in an unsatisfactory manner, you are able to create an Issue, assign that Team an Action, chat to them using the built-in chat functionality and manage the ensuing remediate actions – we are taking issue remediation to a whole new level!

This feature is available to users on Enterprise and Service Provider plans.

Learn more in the article linked below.

The newly improved third-party/client management functionality allows users to:

Remove Third-Parties/Clients so you can keep your Third-Party/Client list up-to-date 

– Add tags to Third-Parties/Clients to create groups 

– Filter Third-Parties/Clients by tags 

– Bulk send assessments to Third-Party/Clients based on tags right from the Third-Party/Client screen 

– Bulk import Third-Parties/Clients with additional meta-data, like tags, risk, website and custom data attributes 

– Export your Third-Party/Client list 

Hit the read more button below to learn more about improved how we’ve implemented these exciting new features!

6clicks Risk Review for Teams: Send Risk Review Invites in Bulk

Lastly, we’ve also made some small, nifty improvements to the mobile app.

Up to now, users have only been able to invite one user at a time. Now you can invite your whole team at once!

We’ve also given users the option to include a custom message with new invites. Contextualise every risk review for your different teams, however you see fit!


Although a small change, we are super excited about this as it saves you a lot of time setting up your next Risk Review, so you can get straight to the good stuff – unlocking the wisdom of your teams! 

There’s a lot of additions to digest here, but as always there is more to come very soon… 

Please check out the articles linked above to learn more, or feel free to reach out to me at  

Until next time!

– Louis

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