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World-First Artificial Intelligence capabilities for GRC

Anthony Stevens |

Created: September 2, 2020|Last Updated: April 10, 2024
World-First Artificial Intelligence capabilities for GRC


We are extremely proud to announce our new artificial intelligence engine to underpin the 6clicks platform following PhD-led research and development. Named Hailey, this capability will play an integral role in reducing the cost and complexity of compliance.  

The application for Hailey across the platform is massive and extremely exciting, with our initial release focused on reducing cost and speeding up what has been a traditionally laborious process  identifying and managing the overlap of obligations that exist across different standards, laws and regulations. 


For decades, there has been software designed to try and streamline compliance processes, but these have fallen short. Now, thanks to advancements in AI, data management and with hyper-scale computing, what was impossible is now a reality for 6clicks customers and their advisors. 

We recently demonstrated Hailey’s power across a wide set of security standards, digesting and mapping hundreds of pages of requirements in minutes. From there, Hailey begun making impressive comparisons, such as uncovering mappings between common requirements within ISO 27001 and NIST CSF, that were originally not considered by experts.

Initially, our goal was to have Hailey be as accurate as a human expert, but thanks to reinforcement training and the strength of the algorithm, in many cases she is outperforming them. 


As regulators increase their focus across many jurisdictions and businesses need to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance, this breakthrough spells the end of the admin burden for risk and compliance practitioners. 

6clicks is currently working through arrangements with a select number of customers and service providers to be involved in trials.


6clicks Chief Executive Anthony Stevens says ‘When we think about the time and cost involved in managing compliance, there is a massive opportunity to improve. Hailey now gives all of us a gateway to forever realise the opportunity to save money and improve compliance outcomes’.

And this is only stage one of embedding Hailey across the 6clicks platform, with more AI-related announcements coming soon. Stevens believes the opportunity to ‘now read and understand the current and imminent risk, compliance and cyber needs is the key to better quality across all industries’.