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Global GRC SaaS leaders unveil world-first privacy compliance solution

Anthony Stevens |

Created: June 2, 2021|Last Updated: April 11, 2024


Melbourne, Australia — Global governance, risk and compliance (GRC) leader 6clicks has announced its latest offering – Hailey for Privacy.

As our lives evolved online last year, we have since found that unfortunately, privacy laws did not. We ended up giving away loads of personal data to get the things we needed. Groceries, food delivery, clothes, ring lights for video conferencing, virtual funerals and birthdays… even therapy was conducted over FaceTime.

To date, Hailey is the AI engine that underpins the 6clicks GRC Platform and suite of products that have revolutionised the way organisations mature their cyber security, information security, risk management and compliance capabilities.

Now, Hailey’s machine learning and natural language processing muscle has been applied to the ‘other’ massive compliance concern for businesses around the world: Privacy.

For businesses and government departments alike, this enormous paradigm shift in privacy management has now become one of the major compliance concerns for 2021 and beyond, due to the existence now of over 120 different issues of legislation or regulation around the world to protect the rights of consumers and their data.

6clicks now has over 50 privacy-specific authority documents (standards, laws, regulations legislations) inside Hailey for Privacy, including those relevant to the EU -General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam along with US states such as Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Texas.

6clicks CEO Anthony Stevens, says ‘The theme here is trust. It is the commodity of this decade and I’m sure for decades to come. Regulators worldwide have stepped up with more legislation and greater penalties and enforcement. Ultimately, companies have got too much to do in solving the problems around privacy and data manually, this archaic methodology is failing everywhere'.

‘This is the single greatest solution for privacy to date’, he continued, ‘Hailey identifies similarities across those 50+ privacy standards, laws and regulations around the world in minutes that would normally take months. Therefore, you are solving the same provision and policy implementation issues across multiple standards simultaneously, which dramatically reduces the compliance burden. Even if we can shave 20, 30, or 40% off this enormous task, then we're a long way ahead. The productivity increase this delivers to organisations and their advisors is astronomical’.

About 6clicks

6clicks offers a complete Risk and Compliance Operating System (SaaS platform) that revolutionises the way organisations mature their cyber security, data privacy, risk management and compliance capabilities.

With a suite of modules including a curated and customizable content library, award-winning mobile app, world-first AI engine and groundbreaking risk intelligence social network - our direct customers and partners can leverage the 6clicks Risk and Compliance Operating System easily and at a low cost. With offices across Australia, U.K., U.S. & India - there is a 6clicks maestro near you.

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