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6clicks launches first-of-its-kind, scalable Hub & Spoke architecture

Dr. Heather Buker |

November 9, 2021
6clicks launches first-of-its-kind, scalable Hub & Spoke architecture


Globally recognized GRC software provider 6clicks has engineered a first-of-its-kind multi-tenanted architecture to support distributed organizations managing multiple, autonomous GRC programs.

This architecture underpins the AI-powered 6clicks GRC platform and facilitates organizations to deploy multiple teams connected to a centralized hub - perfect for federated, multi-team structures.

Each team within the multi-tenanted infrastructure gains access to its autonomous, functionality-rich GRC platform protected by data and access control segregation.

This model enables organizations to deploy multiple autonomous teams or entities connected to a single hub for roll-up reporting, management, and visibility.

Hub & Spoke creates a bidirectional relationship between a parent organization and their respective entities, an advisor and their clients, or state-wide governance over cities, for example.

This means that decentralized organizations with complex hierarchies can consolidate risk and compliance data into a single pane of glass while empowering their teams with the autonomy they need to succeed.

“The decision to choose 6clicks as the platform was simple because of its unique Hub & Spoke multi-tenancy architecture, which enables us to deploy the capability quickly and easily across the large number of business units and portfolio companies we have under management worldwide.”

- Global Director and CISO | Large, multinational M&A firm

This architecture is ideal to meet the needs of any organization who have defined standards, requirements, and data input needs at a centralized management console while maintaining independence at the subsidiary or entity level. The 6clicks platform is trusted by many of the largest cyber security advisors and enterprises in the world including PwC, CyberCX, NTT, Tata Consulting Services, Tesserent, Wipro, Protiviti, BDO, Thales, and many more, because of this unique multi-tenancy capability.

To read more about the benefits of the 6clicks Hub & Spoke model and the typical types of organizations that need multi-tenanted GRC, go here.

Expert Analysis

Top industry analyst and GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen recently wrote a solution brief on the 6clicks Hub & Spoke model.

For this brief, Rasmussen dove into the unique 6clicks Hub & Spoke multi-entity architecture and its capability to accelerate enterprises' deployment rapidly.

In his brief, Rasmussen states:

"The 6clicks solution simplifies and strengthens risk, compliance, and control processes across entities and can grow and adapt as the organization changes and evolves."

The solution brief covers:

  • How to define a GRC strategy for distributed businesses;
  • The problem 6clicks is solving with Hub & Spoke;
  • Why 6clicks is the global leader for distributed, multi-entity GRC;
  • How the 6clicks Hub & Spoke architecture allows diverse organizations to strike a balance between standardization and autonomy; and
  • The benefits businesses can expect with 6clicks.

The 6clicks team recently spoke with Rasmussen about his Hub & Spoke findings in a co-hosted LinkedIn webinar that can be viewed here.


About 6clicks

6clicks is powered by Hailey, a breakthrough AI engine to automate common compliance tasks, includes a massive content library, and is integrated with over 4,000 apps, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google, Typeform, JIRA, and Google Suite.

Please view our complete features overview here.

For more information about 6clicks, visit our media kit.

Dr. Heather Buker

Written by Dr. Heather Buker

Heather has been a technical SME in the cybersecurity field her entire career from developing cybersecurity software to consulting, service delivery, architecting, and product management across most industry verticals. An engineer by trade, Heather specializes in translating business needs and facilitating solutions to complex cyber and GRC use cases with technology. Heather has a Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Masters in Engineering Management, and a Doctorate in Information Technology with a specialization in information assurance and cybersecurity.