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New Feature: Spoke Groups for Hubs

Louis Strauss |

January 10, 2023
New Feature: Spoke Groups for Hubs

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New Feature: Spoke Groups for Hubs


Unique to 6clicks is our Hub + Spoke architecture, which allows:

1. Organizations to manage risk and compliance functions across multiple teams; and

2. Consultancies, advisors, and MSPs to efficiently manage risk and compliance engagements and services across clients.

Building on this, we're excited to announce the release of spoke groups, which allows hub users to create groups with hierarchical relationships to manage spokes better. Groups are perfect for large organisations with business units or teams split across different functions and jurisdictions. For advisors and MSPs, it's perfect for grouping clients by engagement type (or however you want).


Admins can quickly define the group structure that works for your organization, which includes parent-child relationships. Once created, spokes are easily added to one or more groups. For example, you may want to organise spokes by jurisdiction and function. You can then view these groups in the spoke table and drill down if hierarchies have been used.

The true power of this new functionality comes out in reporting, where you can select to report on specific groups with child groups included, rolling up the data. An example is if you have created groups to reflect jurisdictions - hemisphere, continent, country and city. In the reporting module, if you select a city, say London, it will only report on the spokes within the London folder. However, if you select the UK, it will report on all spokes in the UK folder and child city folders (London, Manchester etc.). Likewise, selecting the Europe folder will include all spokes in the child European country folders and subsequent child city folders.

With this new spoke group feature, 6clicks makes it easier than ever to manage risk and compliance functions across multiple teams and clients. Now, organizations can easily organize and report on their spokes with parent-child relationships, allowing them to manage their risk and compliance better. Try it today and see how the spoke group feature can benefit your organization!

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Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis began his career in Berlin where he also founded Dobbel Berlin – Berlin’s curated search engine. Returning to Melbourne to join KPMG, Louis lead the development of software designed to distribute IP and create a platform for us by advisors and clients. While at KPMG, Louis also co-authored Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy. Louis is accomplished in stakeholder management, requirements gathering, product testing, refinement and project implementation. Louis also holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.