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The 6clicks journey: Our achievements and future goals

Anthony Stevens |

August 28, 2019

The 6clicks journey: Our achievements and future goals



This is an extremely exciting post to write, mainly because so much has happened in 2019 and the future looks just as action-packed.

Not only have we launched 6clicks, but we’ve had a huge number of sign-ups and fantastic engagement from the wider community. So firstly, the 6clicks team would like to sincerely thank you for your support!


What We’re Working On

With the foundations now in place we’re shifting gears in our mission to support organisations dealing with inbound and outbound risk assessments and related compliance activities.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to scale out the preview program, onboarding those who have registered and continue to register for the program. We are also finalising the date when any company can sign up and start using 6clicks, so stay tuned!

In terms of product, we have just finished building and testing the 6clicks Trust Portal, which allows companies to be proactive in the way they respond to inbound cybersecurity risk assessments, helping them build trust with their prospects, clients and auditors from the outset (you can find out more here).

We’re also building out the capabilities of the assessment module, including skip logic for assessment questions, and custom scoring and related logic, which will help companies better manage their third parties and related risk.


The 6clicks Roadmap

Looking a little bit further out, the 6clicks roadmap is full of exciting functionality. This includes post-assessment summary reporting that an assessee can create and send to the respondent, as well as associated task assignment and management. We’re also working on several cool new features for the 6clicks Trust Portal.

Lastly, we have a few secret projects underway leveraging the Microsoft product suite, focusing on some unique integrations that will help companies further streamline their risk assessment and compliance activities. So, stay tuned for further announcements over the next few months.



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