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If you are regulated and employ people, watch this!

Anthony Stevens |

April 5, 2021
If you are regulated and employ people, watch this!



'Human risk, or the risk of people doing things they shouldn’t or not doing things that they should, is the largest risk facing all organisations'.


Christian Hunt hits us with some quality knowledge here in this week's #4MinThursdays with Haroon Malik.


Anthony Stevens

Written by Anthony Stevens

Ant Stevens is a luminary in the enterprise software industry, renowned as the CEO and Founder of 6clicks, where he spearheads the integration of artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity, risk and compliance platform. Ant has been instrumental developing software to support advisor and MSPs. Away from the complexities of cybersecurity and AI, Ant revels in the simplicity of nature. An avid camper, he cherishes time spent in the great outdoors with his family and beloved dog, Jack, exploring serene landscapes and disconnecting from the digital tether.