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New to the risk module: Custom risk workflows

Louis Strauss |

October 4, 2022
New to the risk module: Custom risk workflows

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New to the risk module: Custom risk workflows


Throughout 2022, we have focused heavily on uplifting our risk management module. So today, we are excited to announce our new risk workflow capability, allowing you to define custom workflow stages. This new functionality provides the flexibility to ensure 6clicks aligns with how you want to manage risks rather than being constrained to pre-defined stages.

We provide a series of out-of-the-box stages, but you can easily add and remove stages to meet your risk management needs. You can define as many workflow stages as you need and set their order to align with your current risk management processes. Transition rules can also be defined so users cannot deviate from your organization's prescribed risk management workflow. Lastly, you can add descriptions to each stage to help guide your users through the workflow.

Risk Workflow

This functionality is perfect for teams with custom or complex risk management workflows who want to enforce best practices across their organization. Organizations using 6clicks Hub + Spoke can also define their risk workflow stages at the hub level and push these down to the spokes ensuring risk managers are using the same risk management stages and process.

If you are already using 6clicks and want to learn more about audits and assessments, check out our knowledge base here or our what's new changelog here. Alternatively, if you're not yet using 6clicks and would like to learn more about how 6clicks can help you with risk and compliance, please reach out to us by clicking below.

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Louis Strauss

Written by Louis Strauss

Louis began his career in Berlin where he also founded Dobbel Berlin – Berlin’s curated search engine. Returning to Melbourne to join KPMG, Louis lead the development of software designed to distribute IP and create a platform for us by advisors and clients. While at KPMG, Louis also co-authored Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy. Louis is accomplished in stakeholder management, requirements gathering, product testing, refinement and project implementation. Louis also holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Information Systems from the University of Melbourne.