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Hailey AI: The secret to managing multiple security standards

Anthony Stevens |

March 30, 2021
Hailey AI: The secret to managing multiple security standards

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The secret to managing multiple cybersecurity standards with AI


When you combine today's mobile workforce with the growing frequency of cyber-attacks, compliance and security have never been more vital. At the same time, global trade for companies and governments is necessary and expected.

For cyber security professionals, this confluence creates a complex and ongoing problem. How do we maintain an understanding of all the standards, and how do we keep up with expectations?

Global Business Entails Multiple Security Standards

As an example, companies working with the US Department of Defence need to adhere to NIST and soon CMMC standards. For European firms, the GDPR standard is essential, and in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) countries, the ISO 27001 standard is a focus.

With organizations needing to comply with two or more of these standards and not have this be a cumbersome issue, the use of artificial intelligence and automation tools is essential. After all, the controls required for each framework can produce hundreds of questions that need to be answered.

As an organization, you and your company as a whole don't have the time to tackle compliance to these standards sequentially, while ensuring quality work in a timely fashion for all vendors and products with manual processes - and remaining competitive.

Duplication of Work Creates Downtime

If you suspect there's a lot of overlap between standards, you'd be correct. So yes, to certify your organization under more than one standard, you would be in essence duplicating work and therefore wasting time.

For example, twenty of the controls in a NIST assessment may be identical to those in ISO 27001, and if you have not mapped them out, the sure way of having quality and timely work is through computational models - better known as artificial intelligence or automation.

By the time you've found the overlap manually, weeks or months have gone by while you've tried making all the connections. And by then, what good is that knowledge anyway if it's months old?  It would be easier to know which standards overlap and who is responsible for putting the controls in place ahead of time.

The Key to Complex Compliance Management

Enter the real value of artificial intelligence. What would take humans painstaking hours or days, a computational model can calculate in seconds. As you may know, these models can perform complex operations like mining and matching complex data. For cybersecurity professionals, security frameworks and authorities include words in the language of humans - not machines.

Fortunately, 6clicks uses natural language processing to understand usage and context. Therefore, the right AI could find identical language between cybersecurity standards AND catch others similar enough that their language is the same. That means, in essence, you as an information security professional can have multiple compliance requirements being met from two different standards and answered at the same time - even if the wording isn't 100% identical.

Hailey: The AI Engine Designed for Risk and Compliance

Working with Hailey, it's been super-nice to know which authorities and controls of multiple standards are the same, which are similar, and which are different. In doing so, we have been able to answer assessments and provide verification without duplication, and this allows us to focus only on the missing requirements and patching the vulnerabilities and issues.

Hailey was designed for just this purpose - to help risk and compliance professionals adhere to multiple standards by finding overlaps and streamlining the compliance process. It even assigns a similarity rating that enables you to decide what standards need to be attended to separately.

Better yet, Hailey gets risk and compliance up to speed with a full suite of automation tools to help with all your business support functions under a single pane of glass.

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Anthony Stevens

Written by Anthony Stevens

Ant Stevens is a luminary in the enterprise software industry, renowned as the CEO and Founder of 6clicks, where he spearheads the integration of artificial intelligence into their cybersecurity, risk and compliance platform. Ant has been instrumental developing software to support advisor and MSPs. Away from the complexities of cybersecurity and AI, Ant revels in the simplicity of nature. An avid camper, he cherishes time spent in the great outdoors with his family and beloved dog, Jack, exploring serene landscapes and disconnecting from the digital tether.